Phase II ~ Stepping Back and Moving Forward

As I mentioned last month, I’ve largely been following an action-while-planning approach to the pre-launch phase of my social enterprise start-up.(You can read more about action-while-planning by clicking here.)  Here’s why ~ Starting Time Well Spent is not the same as starting a profit-driven business, nor is it the same as running a volunteer event or even a non-profit business for that matter… Though it may be a cliche, it’s out-of-the-box thinking at a time when business as usual simply doesn’t meet all the needs that our times require. Personally, to pursue a career that is focused on the “triple bottom line,” with people and planet before profits, is the only approach to a career that makes sense to me!  

I’m driven by my social and environmental mission  and my desire to serve that mission in a financially-self-sustaining business model so that I do not seek out grant funds that, in my opinion, should be reserved only for  those endeavors which can not be sustained by the market. So, I’m carving out some new territory here in the suburbs but I trust it will be time well spent…
Likewise, the business itself will embody its name when the Time Well Spent doors officially open. Folks who come in will feel their time and ~ if they are purchasing repurposed and/or eco-friendly products, attending a workshop series, or celebrating a child’s birthday party ~  their money, are well spent because value will be a cornerstone. Other cornerstones will be transparency, sustainability, and community.
The “action-while-planning” approach was critically important to moving forward with an untested concept. At this point, it is time to take all that I have learned over the last year of brainstorming, networking and research and put that new-found knowledge together with my passion to serve those in need and the environment and my fellow community members.
Had I been motivated by profits or interested in following a traditional (and unsustainable) grant-seeking path, Time Well Spent might already be a brick-and-mortar space today.  Because my intent is focused on promoting lasting change in a model that others may replicate to benefit their own communities, I’m taking my time to insure I am getting it right. 
Why? Why else? To inspire one another to live with mindful awareness of the impact of our daily choices on the quality of life for self, those in need and the environment, of course!

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