DeClutter For Good Update ~ June 2009

Near and dear to my heart is the DeClutter For Good concept at Time Well Spent. You might even think of it as DeClutter “4” Good as the benefits are (at least) four-fold:   
  • DeCluttering your home brings peace and organization to your own life, allowing you and yours to live a better quality of life each day.


  •  Donating your clutter keeps it out of landfills. What’s more ~ it contributes to efforts to minimize the carbon footprint involved via the creation of products made from repurposed materials as opposed to those made from raw and/or unsustainable materials, the creation of which is fueled by unsustainable energy sources.


  • By combining our collective clutter and giving it to vetted service organizations, with very little effort, those involved are empowered as they move their extra “stuff” into the right hands, allowing those service organizations to focus on their important work by helping to meet their material needs.


  • Donating through Time Well Spent adds to quantifiable goals and helps spread the message of mindful awareness of what we do with our stuff in order to improve the quality of our own life, those in need and the environment (that’s the Time Well Spent mission, fyi!).
Also cool, note that the above list of benefits can be considered in any order, depending on your own personal priorities and passion… Any way you look at it, it’s a great way to clear the clutter, lift your spirits, and take another step toward your own goals and a promising, empowering vision of a more sustainable and locally-connected future ~ a future that brings together the power of virtual groups with the heart and personal contact of the local community.

With all that said, it may seem contradictory that I’ve made the decision to hold off on DeClutter For Good drives for the summer months. While I’d love to continue the mini-drives, my time will be better spent focused on Phase II and, consequently, bringing Time Well Spent closer to launch so that the mini events can grow to the full vision and potential that I have for them.
In the meantime, click on the following links for a look back at some key DeClutter For Good results, including information about organizations assisted as well as types and quantities of items decluttered and donated:

Prom Gowns (March)
Special thanks to all of those who have contributed so far. To those who haven’t yet, stay tuned ~ there will be plenty more opportunities down the road…

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