Community Service Opportunities for North Shore Teens

If you know of any high school students who would benefit from some time spent on community service this summer, send them my way ~ It’s good for their resume, their self-esteem and their spirit! Even if they’ve done the minimum service required at school, colleges are increasing the amount of consideration given to those with multiple and/or ongoing community service efforts.

Unlike monthly DeClutter For Good drives, this summer’s community service projects pertain to research needed for “The Wall.” The Wall is the focal point envisioned for Time Well Spent where, on an ong0ing basis, we will take recycling beyond the curb, finding alternative uses for items that typically make it only as far as the recycling bin or, worse, into the trash can. 
Students can choose their project focus based on their own interests. Examples include eyeglasses (given to those in third world countries), medicine bottles (used in Africa for dissemination of HIV medications) hotel-sized toiletries (for homeless women in Boston), cellphones (for victims of abuse on the North Shore), and sneakers (recycled into gym flooring) ~ and that’s just for starters!  You can read more about The Wall by clicking here. 


In order to maximize the positive impact of community service such that it makes a meaningful impression and contributes to a lasting sense of stewardship and service, I believe in community service projects that focus on an area of specific interest to each particular young person. Those who take an active role in a project and feel connected to the outcome will learn the true satisfaction that comes with making a difference, being a part of the change.

If you want to learn more about community service opportunities for your teen, feel free to get in touch with me and we can discuss the possibilities further. Don’t have a teen of your own? Feel free to share this post with someone who does!
Carpe Diem ! Nancy


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