DeClutter Baby Stuff For Good Drive – May Mission Accomplished

I am pleased to report that we were able to meet and exceed the goal set of 50 baby items for the May DeClutter Baby Stuff for Good drive… Thanks to the generous donation of several folks who shared items after their own yard sales (a great idea!)

Special thanks to one special person who reached out to me through NorthShoreCafe, an online yahoo group connecting freecyclers on the north shore. This wonderful woman donated baby clothes in great condition that she had lovingly used several times while caring for infant foster children over several years. What a fantastic person! It’s one of many “perks” that I’ve already experienced – meeting so many wonderful ~ and wonderfully inspiring ~ people along the way.

My first carload delivered to Cradles to Crayons included items I picked up at the end of a school-wide yard sale at Hamilton-Wenham’s Grammar School Thanks to the women there for letting me sort through all of their “stuff” for items meeting the Cradles to Crayons “good enough for your own child” standard.

Here’s the list of items delivered:



Car Seats – 2

Car Window Shades – 2

Diaper Pails – 3

Blankets – 5

Pillow – 1

Mosquito Net – 1

Changing Pads – 5

Washcloths – 2

Bibs – 4

Baby Tubs – 2

Booster Chair – 1

TOYS (16)

Leap Frog and Books – 3

Misc Rattles & Small Toys – 8

Activity Pad – 3

Play Tables – 2


Girls – 31

Boys – 13

Boys Coats – 2

Boots – 3

Sneakers – 1

Slippers – 1

Baby Socks – 20 pair

Not included in the above count (yet), I still have another carload of baby stuff to deliver to Quincy and need to find the time to make the 2-hour round trip – the kind of “problem” I don’t mind solving!

I’ve blogged about Cradles to Crayons frequently, so feel free to search for them using the search tool in the right-hand column if you’d like to learn more about Time Well Spent’s support of Cradles to Crayons. We are so pleased and proud to play a small role in helping them with their good work.




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