Happy Mother’s Day ~ With Those in Need and Mother Earth in Mind

Here’s a quick cut-and-paste job from my email inbox, sharing some neat ways to say Happy Mother’s Day to your own mother, a worthy mother you know who could use an extra Mother’s Day wish, or in honor of a mother who has passed, leaving memories that linger to this day… Happy Mother’s Day to all!


From Lynn Margherio, Founder of Cradles to Crayons:

Dear Nancy, 

 For less than the cost of a dozen roses, you can give a local family a chance to succeed. Through this Sunday, when you donate online to Cradles to Crayons through this link, you’ll get a unique C2C Mother’s Day card which you can print out and sign for mom!In these trying economic times, the best gift of all is to share the joy of Mother’s Day with struggling families.

 Thank you, and have a Happy Mother’s Day! 

Cradles to Crayons
Founder & CEO
Lynn Margherio

 And, From STAY VOCAL, an eco-conscious website from Boston’s South Shore:

On tomorrow’s episode (Tuesday, May 5th) of ABC‘s Good Morning America, there will be a Mother’s Day Gift Segment and one of the featured items is the STAY VOCAL “What Do You Do?” ReUse Patch T-Shirt. We couldn’t be more excited about this, as the shirt is not only great for mom, but also Mother Earth.The show will air on all national ABC affiliates and the Mother’s Day segment will be at around 8:30-9AM (all time zones). In addition, the segment will be later posted on the Good Morning America Website.

Here’s a close-up of the eco-friendly shirt for eco-savvy moms of all ages:


So much more to share of folks doing good that mothers would love, just by their very nature of being a mom… But, this mother has got to get to work on her latest baby,  business – Time Well Spent. I often joke I had my babies faster than I’ve managed to launch Time Well Spent – but, it will  be worth the wait!

Happy Mother’s Day to all out there who are one or are blessed to have one. And a special shout out to those who help those who do not have a capable. loving and nurturing mother of their own.



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