Oops ! Lost the green gardening article from my newsletter

Lesson Learned – Don’t send that e-newsletter without a good proofreading.

Here’s the story ~ I stayed up late doing the newsletter as my goal is to get it out the first of each month. Big mistake! I had written a nice eco-gardening article and was planning to add some links to local green garden and landscaping folks I’ve met. Somehow, I lost the article in cyberspace and decided I better scrap it for the time being and write it up as a post, but not in the e-newsletter.  Here’s the mistake – I left the reference to green gardening in the subject line! So, an explanation and an apology to all my eco-friendly contacts I’ve made. And, a lesson learned about late night writing – never do a final version.  Better yet, go to bed! Wonder how many other mistakes are in the newsletter?

I know that old school would be not to point out the mistake and hope it goes unnoticed but I thought it better to share, not only by way of explanation, but also so others can learn from my mistake.

Live and learn! Or. learn from the mistake of others!


p.s. I considered deleting this now that I re-wrote the post. but then I couldn’t share the lesson learned. So, leave the post, I shall…


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