A Glimpse of my April Activities ~ Time Well Spent

So, what have I been doing all this time???
Well, my approach to the pre-launch process has been one of “action while planning,” an idea I picked up very early along the way from a business planning guide (here’s the PDF link) written by Andrew Wolk, founder of Root Cause in Cambridge. Andrew Wolk is incredibly active in the movement to bring social innovation to bear on society’s greatest challenges and inequities through a multi-sector approach, including the effective use of an enlightened market-driven economy when possible.  I encourage blog readers to check out Andrew Wolk’s blog or just google his name ~ you’ll learn a great deal more than I could write about here…
Very simply put, action while planning means that, along with doing scads of research online, I’ve also been doing tons (that ‘s more than scads) of learning through doing, testing of ideas and networking in person.  Go to page 22 of the PDF to read Wolk’s description of action while planning.
All that said, following my action-while-planning approach to Time Well Spent’s pre-launch phase, here are just a few events I’ve attended this past month, one way or the other, along with links to some relevant posts and websites:
Bentley’s Fifth Annual Leadership Forum
All the speakers had so much to share and my alma mater made me proud yet again! I attended from the comfort of home, having been given a heads up to the great numbers expected and not feeling up to the early morning departure that would have been involved. It was almost just like being there. I attended last year and being there was really something special.  Click here for my post-event comments.
I also joined Bentley’s Center For Business Ethics this past month and hope to attend a Catalyzing Conscious Capitalism two-day conference there at the end of May. Reading the description reminds me of many things I’ve thought about and/or written in the last year with regard to my vision for Time Well Spent and the good that conscious capitalism can accomplish.
Massachusetts Social Entrprise Networking Group Spring Meeting 2009
The topic of this meeting hosted by The Center for Applied Philanthropy was “Non Traditional Funding Sources for Non-Profits and Social Enterprise.” This relates to the financing end of “doing good” and was specifically focused on Program Related Investment, a potential funding source for non-profit social enterprises, and perhaps Time Well Spent, a social enterprise start-up, which will ultimately be financially-self-sustaining. My mother always says, “It takes money to make money.” So, yes, some initial funding and/or creative financing is required for the next step. Glad I’ve been able to make a difference with my DeClutter For Good events in the meantime!
Click here to go to the LinkedIn group page to learn more about the Massachusetts Social Enterprise Networking Group, yet another connection to good people and good organizations, striving toward their mission-driven goals. I’ve had the honor of working with Anne Wunderli with this group. Anne works at the Pine Street Inn where she is the Director of Facilities and Social Enterprise, overseeing PSI’s Abundant Table. Still, in her spare time (!), Anne manages  to sit on the board of the Social Enterprise Alliance and serves as a local leader to non-profits interested in furthering their mission and generating income through creative social enterprise initiatives.
Greater Newburyport Eco-Collaborative’s Earth Fest at Maudsley State Park
The Eco-Collaborative is a forward-thinking group of environmentally-aware people who have every aspect of green living covered, from business opportunities to architecture to eating, it’s all green and it’s all good.  They are involved with a myriad of eco-conscious initiatives.
Here’s  a link to the post announcing the Earth Fest event, providing info on Hamilton-Wenham and Ipswich Earth Day inspired events, as well, and linking to all the relevant websites.  And, here’s the link to my post-event thoughts about the Earth Fest events.
So, that’s a glimpse at three days of April ~ And, yes, it has been Time Well Spent.  Meeting so many incredibly hard-working and well-intentioned people along the way has been a great part of my pre-launch journey. The experience has been inspiring and humbling and I look forward to connecting and working with many of the good people I have met in the future.
Carpe Diem! Nancy

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