DeClutter For Good April Results ~ 50 Game Goal Met ~ Teen Community Service a Plus!

With special thanks to mother/daughter team Robert and  Casey C from Georgetown, we reached the April DeClutter For Good goal of 50 board games, puzzles and computer games for kids… 

 Casey and her mom gave a quick heads up, via email, to friends and neighbors about the drive and accepted donations in their breezeway. They carted them over on the DeClutterDay and even manned the office while I attended the Earth Expo. The donations they delivered all but reached the 50 game goal on their own. Not only did Casey take care of some community service hours she is required to complete, but Roberta tells me that Casey learned about service to those less fortunate and awareness building about choices in how we spend our time and our money. Thanks, ladies!

If you didn’t have a chance to make it by but have board games, puzzles or computer games to donate, feel free to comment here, send me an email or text (go to my contact page for info). If you missed the details of April’s DeClutter For Good focus, click here to go to the post about the drive and the recipient organization, Cornerstones Ipswich.

Those games that are too grown up for the young kids at Cornerstones will be donated to Cradles to Crayons, where we know they will be distributed to older pre-teens in need.

I’m still working to help Cornerstones with their many needs. Click here for the tally post. I’ll update there once I hear from Elissa Covello, House Manager at Cornerstones who has her hands full trying to provide a safe and cozy environment for the special residents under her charge.


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