Earth Expo @ Maudsley was Time Well Spent

I met many wonderful folks today at the First Annual Earth Expo at  Maudsley State Park in Newburyport… People who are pursuing worthwhile, environmentally-minded business initiatives. Call them what you will ~ social entrepreneurs, conscious capitalists ~ these hard-working, values-driven small business owners are where it is at as far as I’m concerned. I left physically tired but emotionally energized after sharing the day and many great conversations with others who share my vision for a bright future where consumerism is less about auto-pilot and conspicuous consumption and more about authenticity, simplicity and value.

Simplifying doesn’t mean we pare down to the bare bones. It does include a less cluttered lifestyle ~ literally and figuratively ~ where those items we do choose to have in our lives, our homes, even our refrigerators, matter more to us and do more to feed our hearts, minds, souls and bodies than the cluttered days of the recent decades gone by. I’m speaking from personal experience!

The folks I met were much further along their journey to living with mindful awareness of the impact of our daily lifestyle choices on self, family, those in need and the environment. Still, they were approachable and enthusiastic about my concept for Time Well Spent and about helping others on the journey to eco-friendly, socially-conscious lifestyle choices and changes ~ looking forward with promise, support and encouragement  rather than back with judgement or self-righteousness.

Kudos t o the Greater Newburyport Eco-Collaborative for organizing the event and for their leadership in the Greater Newburyport area… One suggestion ~ add Ipswich to your defined Greater Newburyport geographic area!


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