Eco-Friendly Tips & Repurposed Products @ Eco-Etsy

When the day finally comes that Time Well Spent is officially open for business, as a business, in addition to a service-driven organization, there will be all kinds of wonderful treasures for sale made by artists, both established and novice. The sales floor will connect the different dedicated centers in the multipurpose space. In addition, there will be art for sale on the walls and furniture spattered throughout the entire establishment.

There’s a full page dedicated to the use of space you can read by clicking here. Or, here’s a quick visual:


All that gray space is sales floor featuring consignment sales of the work of various eco-artists, from novice to expert... From greeting cards to coat racks, eco-jewelry to functional eco-furnishings, gifts for family, friends and home. And, you can drop off your clutter for good use when you visit!

All that gray space is sales floor featuring consignment sales of the work of various eco-artists, from novice to expert... From greeting cards to coat racks, eco-jewelry to functional eco-furnishings... Gifts for family, friends and home. And, you can drop off your clutter for good use when you visit!

For more visuals of inspiring products that will be sold, here’s a peek at some “trashion” or you can go to my photoblog :


 Cool stuff, huh?!

If you just can’t wait to buy something eco-friendly to “make a statement that goes beyond fashion,” you could find all kinds of wonderful examples all over the internet.  I know I have!  Part of my job, as I see it, is to help people make good use of their time, spending their time in a way they feel really is well spent.  So, if you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with a million different (and quite wonderful) blogs and online stores about repurposing, upcycling and all things renewed, you really can simply take a quick cyber-visit to just one place: Team EcoEtsy:


Eco Etsy

Read on to find out more of the trash to treasure found at… 

FYI, is an enormous, and enormously wonderful, online site which refers to itself as “Your place to buy and sell all things homemade.” Literally, tens of thousands of products… By going through Eco-Etsy, I love the way I can focus in on crafters “dedicated to reducing, reusing and recycling.” Believe me, there are enough items to meet every need from gifts, to home decorating, clothing to jewelry to scrapbooking supplies…and beyond.

What really makes it great for one-stop surfing ~ efficiently using your time on the ‘net ~ the Team Eco-Etsy blog includes several sections of well-organized information, all of interest to the eco-friendly artist, eco-crafter or eco-living enthusiast.

If you haven’t clicked on through yet, I’ll share just a few samples that I’m betting will land lovers of all things cool on the blog. Have fun – do watch the time – it flies when you are having eco-friendly fun!

Eco Tutorials

Pretty self-explanatory, right? Well, let me tell you ~ the folks at Team Eco-Etsy take the term “tutorial” seriously. The posts all include step-by-step directions and, hooray, plenty of pictures illustrating every detail along the way. And, the topics! What Fun! It was hard to select which to share on my weblog with choices like ornaments made from old lightbulbs (which I collect!) in the Bright Idea post.  Ultimately, I went with Cereal Box Business Cards – How cool is that?

The reader comments at the end of the post share even more ideas for this creative and functional re-use of those cereal boxes. Click on the picture to check it out and see the idea I added!


Eco Tips

The Team Eco-Esty blog also has a section (in the jam-packed but well organized right column) of Eco Tips, listed by title ~ easy to scan and pick out those specific tips that interest the reader. The titles that caught my eye right away included:

Pre-Cycling (something I have started to do this year, never thought about before Time Well Spent!)
Tea-Time (my tea-drinker radar went right for this and a learned more than one tip for used tea bags…)
Eliminating Paper Towels (I’m coming to terms with my need to change my relationship with these!)
And, here’s the Ecofont post ~ rather clever:

Have you heard about this new font that’s out? It’s called Ecofont. It was designed by a company called Spranq in The Netherlands and it’s said to use up to 20% less ink when printed. It does this by cutting small circles out of the characters that, at regular print size, can’t be seen. And the font’s not too bad looking either! I think it looks fairly similar to Verdana, which is one of my favourites. Head over to their website for more information or to download your own copy of Ecofont:
The site also includes newsletters and updates to sign up for if you are so inclined. And, if you haven’t clicked through yet, here are several photo links to different eco-etsy subcategories that I know will draw in even the most calculated internet user! :



    (FYI: The complete list of categories is at the bottom of that info-filled right column in their blog that I mentioned.)
Happy Virtual Window Shopping! Let me know if you buy anything wonderful…
Carpe Diem! Nancy

One response to “Eco-Friendly Tips & Repurposed Products @ Eco-Etsy

  1. Check out this etsy seller:

    All kinds of bag using repurposed materials. aka upcycled – meaning value added. These are some sharp bags that people will think are great looking – and, to think, no new materials used – now that’s a purchase you can be proud of!

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