Cause of Grey Clouds ~ Chronic Lyme Disease

While my mission for Time Well Spent gives me the motivation to move forward to the best of my ability each and every day, those who know me realize that my challenges to start a social enterprise (as if that’s not complicated enough) are sometimes overshadowed by my challenge to get through the day with a modicum of productivity…

Briefly (I mean it this time), I’ve faced a myriad of symptoms over the last several years, the vast majority of which fall under the general term “chronic fatigue syndrome.” Bear in mind that term references a group of symptoms and, by itself, is not a diagnosis. Since last summer, I’ve been working harder than ever to get to the bottom of it, this as a result of a worsening of my symptoms. It frustrates me to no end that my body can’t keep up with all my ideas and thoughts and that, at times, even my own mind can’t keep up with all the thoughts racing through it.

My first infection with Lyme was in July of 2005 – and it was a doozy – one experienced that same summer by several folks within the dozen homes closest to me. Without going into all the details of all the symptoms, suffice to say that I was again bitten by a deer tick in late July 2008, was put on meds which were stopped when I seemed to react with an allergy to it. The early cessation of the medication and the addition of prednisone, to treat the “reaction,”  caused a sever worsening of my symptoms… 

Rather than read the details of my chronic Lyme ordeal, may I suggest that, if a ‘chronic lyme’ search brought you here, go to the link for a new documentary on the subject: Under Our Skin.

Under Our Skin is a documentary about chronic Lyme disease. Click on the picture to go to the website.

Under Our Skin is a documentary about chronic Lyme disease. Click on the picture to go to the website.

 Read on for more about Under Our Skin…

Better still, plan to go to a viewing of the movie. There’s a complete schedule on the site. If you live on Boston’s North Shore, mark your calendar for a showing in Essex on Saturday, April 18 at 2pm. Here are the details:

Under Our Skin Screening

 The First Universalist Church of Essex, Massachusetts

 When: Sat, April 18, 2pm – 5pm

 Where: 59 Main Street Essex, MA 01929

 For more information call: 978-768-7962
Dr. Leo Shea, III, Dr. Lukas Wolf, Dr. David Driscoll & others to panel a discussion after the film.


 Can’t wait for the movie? Below is a link to a Chronicle episode from fall 2008 about Chronic Lyme that is 40 minutes long. The video includes the story of Sue Mercurio, a chronic Lyme Disease sufferer who I met a few weeks ago who shared her story of survival, quite literally, that included an uphill battle for a proper diagnosis after a misdiagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis:

Click here to go the Chronicle Video Ticked Off and Fed Up

Lyme or Not, Carpe Diem! N.


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