Using this blog post to create a list for Cornerstones

To recap from the long post below:

 Without question, Cornerstones House Manager Elissa Covello has her hands full just getting through the day. Still, she wants to give the residents at Cornerstones a feeling of a safe and cozy home. She is hoping to paint bedrooms this weekend!  Can you help make Elissa’s wish for these kids come true?

Paint and Painting Supplies ~ ASAP!!! 
Bedding ~ blankets, bottom sheets, pillow cases
Furniture ~ couches, comfy chairs, end tables, coffee tables, dinning room furniture, chairs, dresser

TO UPDATE, I posted on several local Yahoo groups and then realized I should have created this post. I always say, I’m a work in progress and so is Time Well Spent…

Marcia Ford at the Ipswich Recreation Department (on the basement level at the Ipswich Town Hall) has offered to accept small items at the Rec Department and she will deliver them to Cornerstones.



Debbie F has a couch but one cushion is stained. Would that be okay? Does anybody have a slipcover?


From Ginny, describing several lightweight comforters: The twins are in perfect condition; they’ve in storage for awhile. The double is in really good condition, but it has been used a bit longer, so I’ll have to take a look at it to see if it’s worn. The twins are green with cranberry  – kind of a quilty looking pattern; the double is peach with a ruffle – very girly.  So, it may not meet their needs.  I’m going to look to see if I have anything else. 


 From Elizabeth R (via Newburyport SEED):” I have some paint, where can I bring it? Pink and white I think…”  Ipswich Rec Dept can take the small stuff to Cornerstones.  

FROM BETTY DORMAN (Ipswich Rec Dept):
I may have some extra bedding and blankets. What size sheets do you need? I also have a floral couch that is quite sturdy but has been scratched by cats so does not look great. I would need help having that moved but it is on a ground level. I also have black “comfy chair” recliner/rocker  that is worn and patched but still works fine. I also may have some brushes and rollers, but no quantity of paint to do a room. I can transport the small stuff myself, could bring it there tomorrow afternoon or Sat. morning about 8:00 or so. 
PHONE CALL FROM WENDY R: Wendy has a lot of paint – good basic colors, blues, greens, white…


Sorry if this seems a bit hasty, folks, but I just found out yesterday about Elissa’s painting plans and I’m actually in the midst of financial projections (though I like this better!).
Feel free to add your offers or suggestions as comments to this post!
Many Thanks, Nancy

4 responses to “Using this blog post to create a list for Cornerstones

  1. Hi again, Nancy..Hope you are better and I mean a lot better..I am so happy to see you getting some excellent response,,I have games..Monopoly, Trivial etc…..I may also have paint..I’ll check and see what amounts and colors I have,,Keep up the very good work ,,Love

  2. Hi Blogreaders from Nancy ~

    Below is an email from Elissa… And, yes, I’ve been a little under the weather (the flu) and am looking for sympathy… (not really, just some understanding on why this post has been so disjointed. Hopefully, I can take some time Tues or Wed to get it sorted out.)

    In the meantime, here’s some feedback from Elissa/Cornerstones:

    “Hi Nancy,
    I hope you are feeling better, you sounded exhausted.

    I wanted to thankyou for posting that blog. It seems to be getting a lost of responses.

    The couch sounds good… could you just get more information on how many it seats and what color it is?

    The comforters….we only need twin size comforters as that is the only type of bed we have here. Regular throw blankets are fine because I would like to keep those down in the living room for the kids.

    Furniture is good, solid colors work the best and not patterns. But if people have patterned furniture we would just ask that slip covers would be an option to cover it.

    Also, any painting supplies are great.

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Elissa “

  3. I have paint. What colors and how much is needed? I also have some sets of queen sheets.

  4. I have 2 blankets, and 3 paint brushes, If any one has small items you may drop them off at Iswsich Recreation Department and I will see they get to Cornerstones.

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