Upholsterer or Upholsterer Wannabees Needed!

One part of my multi-purpose concept involves repurposing and reconditioning
old quality pieces rather than putting them in the land fill, avoiding the
manufacture of a brand new project as well.

I’ve found a freecycler with 2 couches to get rid of and would love to cover one
for use at my place (in the learning and sharing resource center where we share
books and the like that are cluttering our homes)and one for use at Cornerstones
Residential School, an alternative school in Ipswich for children age 6-12, many
of whom are victims of abuse. They need some spiffing up at their residential
portion of their facilities and want to minimize any institutional feeling,
making it a more home-like environment, in the best sense of the term.


The love seat is kind of "retro" with "clean lines" (I think!) and the full-sized couch more traditional and perhaps just right for the kiddos at Cornerstones. And, yes, that's a bolt of fabric that's part of the deal. If you are interested in either project, leave a comment here or go to the contact page to get in touch.

So, if anyone is interested in trying their hand as a newbie upholsterer OR knows of an experienced upholsterer willing to volunteer their skills (and get positive exposure for it, not to mention warm fuzzy feelings that come with
helping others!). I’ll certainly spread the good word about the volunteer help here and in my newsletter.

Heck, I’ll throw in a press release as an added benefit to share with the local newspapers – better than free advertising!

Also, fyi, Bernina’s in Topsfield offers reupholstery classes along with private lessons, open studio time and lots more… The owner, Stefanie, would love to help someone learn on one of these donated pieces.  Check out Stefanie’s Bernina website by clicking here.


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