Some Green Ways to Pass the Nor’Easter – Watch Planet Green TV!

I’ve been stressing because I’m reading the Transitions Handbook and I have to work on my business plan and financials. So, I thought I’d chill while still being “green”… There’s been so much snow this winter, the kids aren’t as “into it” as they were for the first 5 storms… So, we are watching some television – but it’s mission-based television (I just made that up!) so guilt-free…

I’m a fan of Planet Green, the Discovery Channel’s eco-friendly tv station. Here’s a link to the Monday (anticipated snow day) schedule. Planet Green is on channel 233 for those with Comcast cable and there’s a channel finder for those who aren’t – just plug in your zip code and service and it provides the channel.

Read on for some suggested viewing…

I have to say that I have little to no need for the Emeril show that they show ad nauseum. But, Stuff Happens with Bill Nye (yup, the science guy) is a great-to-watch-with-the-kids show. The episode I just watched on being green with your pets prompted me to write this post and it is on again on Monday.

Renovation Nation with Steve Thomas (of This Old House fame) features lots of local stories as Steve still loves locally. Anybody know Steve? How cool would it be to have an event with him?

Living with Ed (Begley Jr… an environmentalist since the 70s) is also fun for the whole family. My husband thinks I’m turning into an Ed-type and often references “living with Nance” as I add eco-centricities to our daily lives all the time. My nephew who has a website called actually slept in his veggie-oil-powered van in front of Ed’s house once so he wouldn’t be late for an early morning meeting with him ~ My nephew Mike actually ate some of Ed’s bike-powered toast! I’m so jealous!

World’s Greenest Homes shows houses that anyone, green or otherwise, would die for… Tres eco-chic… Eco-architects, builders and decorators should definitely check it out.

G Word is very hip and cool (your teens will love it) with several regular features including one where the “waste sleuth” follows the path of trash. The episode about styrofoam has me convinced we should put a styrofoam upcycling plant along my envisioned Old Route One Greeway… a crazy idea that I posted about recently.

The planet green site has tons of info, even for non-tv folks including a “how green is your garden” quiz.

Also for you non-tv folk and the folks spearheading the slow food initiative, here’s the link to a blogher post about Cooking Green.

Anyway, thought I’d share ~ didn’t mean to go on and on…but I think some will find the links worthwhile. I was sharing this with a  Newburyport group of environmentally-active folks known as SEED. So, I figured I’d share here as well,  for my non-SEED friends, virtual and actual, to read.

For those of you in the path of the early March Nor’Easter…

Take some time to chill!

Stay safe!

Feed the Birds!

Enjoy the beauty of the storm…

It too shall pass (too quickly)… Carpe Diem!


One response to “Some Green Ways to Pass the Nor’Easter – Watch Planet Green TV!

  1. Deb Carey gave her okay for me to share her supportive email here. Thanks, Deb!

    “You have some great ideas! I appreciated them very much. Keep up the
    good work.

    Deborah Carey”

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