Ipswich Arts for the Arts ~ Celebrating Ipswich 375 ~ Saturday, March 7th

According to my “dashboard” (info about blog “traffic”), folks searching for info about Ipswich 375 are being directed to this post, among others of course. In case that’s what brought you “here,” I’ve edited the post to let readers know that Ipswich 375th celebration is underway. I participated in the Ipswich Goes Green event and look forward to attending the parade on August 9th… There are many different activities, from historical to environmental to cultural ~ truly something for everyone.
To read my post about the green event, click here.
To go to the Ipswich 375th official website, click here.
To explore my website more and find out what Time Well Spent, my mission-driven start-up, is all about,  go to the front page of this weblog or some of the descriptive pages ~ all links found above…
To read about the Arts for the Arts event held earlier this year, the topic of this particular post, read on!
Inspired by the year-long celebration of Ipswich’s 375th anniversary, Arts for the Arts is an annual event that raises money for local artists and the school’s fine arts program. This year’s event is Saturday, March 7th at the First Church with viewing hours from 1-4pm and 6-10pm with the evening including a silent and a live auction.
Artists include some high school talent including the work of Courtney Gallant (yes, that’s my daughter – I couldn’t resist!). Here’s a link to Courtney’s recently-created photoblog, a work in progress.
Led by an amazing committee of volunteers, IMADA is the parent organization behind the Arts for the Arts event. IMADA is outstanding in its efforts and initiatives which  provide so much support to the Ipswich arts program, a truly fabulous program.
As long as I’m tooting the Ipswich arts horn (pun intended), I just bought a cd of the jazz band to support one of the jazz band kids going to China over April vacation. Now, I’m no music expert, but the cd is fabulous – great big band-type sounds from toe-tapping to a mellow tune that really shows the talent in this group that actually played in Newport, RI, at last summer’s jazz festival. Good stuff all. Do check out the music page of IMADA’s site if you want to learn more.
Auctioneer Paul Maglio will be providing his award-winning talents during the live auction of several artistically transformed violins… Here’s a link to the pdf with photos of all the violins being auctioned. How’s that for repurposing??!!!
As long as I’m providing loads of links, here’s a link to the Ipswich 375 website. I’m on the committee for the Ipswich Goes Green day ~ Sunday, July 12th ~ so mark your calendars (I use Google calendar and really love it) and expect more info from me on what will be a fun and eco-friendly event! The Ipswich 375th Anniversary is certainly worthy of its own post, but that’s an entry for another day.
Carpe Diem!

One response to “Ipswich Arts for the Arts ~ Celebrating Ipswich 375 ~ Saturday, March 7th

  1. We are here from Scotland;
    thanks for the info.
    See you at the parade!

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