Extra Chance to Donate Your Business Attire to Those WORKING HARD to improve their circumstances

February sure does fly by! In fact, it came and went so quickly that I haven’t delivered the suits, business attire and accessories yet. For scheduling reasons, I had to postpone my delivery trip to Tuesday, March 3rd. So, if you were hoping to clear the clutter from your closets, dressers and other crammed storage spaces and thought you missed your chance to DeClutter your suits For Good ~ because of brief February, of course ~ just reply to this message to arrange a drop off before Tuesday.
FYI, Solutions At Work is the service organization I have chosen to partner with for this event. You can read more about how your business attire and accessories can help those working hard at the job of improving their situations and why I chose Solutions At Work by clicking here or go directly to their website by clicking here.
Bear in mind that Solutions At Work takes more than just men’s and women’s suits. They accept accessories including fashion jewelry, scarves, neckties, shoes and handbags. As far as clothing, from skirts and blouses to business dresses and casual business attire for men and women, they use all the donations to help those who are working hard to improve their circumstances to put their best foot forward as they move toward personal independence and increased happiness and self-esteem. In addition, Solutions At Work partners with other service organizations for items that, for whatever reason, don’t meet their needs.

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