Inspired by Old Suitcases ~ That’s Not Weird, Is It?

Thank goodness for the internet! Just when you think you might be the only person on the earth who thinks old suitcases are cool, you find a kindred spirit.  I found a blog called Poetic Home today ~ where the blogger is a wonderful photographer along with being incredibly creative and inspired by many of the same things I am… including, that’s right, old suitcases! So, if you have any old suitcases tucked away, feel free to bring them by Time Well Spent for some creative repurposing!

Check out the suitcase turned medicine cabinet from the Poetic Home blog and visit the blog for several more great pics of old suitcases reborn with new purpose:



3 responses to “Inspired by Old Suitcases ~ That’s Not Weird, Is It?

  1. My inlaws have lived in the same home for over 50 years and NEVER threw anything away. We are closing down their house and I opened a hall closet I’d never peeked inside and found many old “vintage” suitcases. I hate to throw them away and I thought about stacking them as side tables. Thanks for other ideas.

  2. Thank you for the kind words! I am always happy to find another kindred spirit who shares my appreciation for vintage treasures 🙂

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