DeClutter For Good Business Attire Update ~ Help Me Hit 50 Suits

I am trying to meet a rather lofty goal (under the circumstances of still being pre-launch) of 50 suits/business accessories donated for this month’s DeClutter for Good drive. I will be headed to Cambridge (Solutions At Work) on Friday to make the delivery, so we really have all week to gather donations.

 I’m going to try to be at the office this week, Monday-Wednesday, from 11- 3 each day. If you’d like to drop in with some donations (or empty-handed to say hello…), please do! Call the cell if you want to make sure I’m in – 617/548-6340… Neighbors, feel free to bring them to the house (call first 978/356-6987)… Dance families, I can meet you in the NSPAC parking lot…  Folks closer to Brooksby Village can stop by my folks place…  etc.

Need directions to the office? Click here:

All kinds of accessories are needed like shoes, ties, handbags as well as suits, shirts, business skirts and the like. Large sizes are needed in particular, as well. Your help is appreciated if you happen to have the items needed and can take a few minutes to DeClutter For Good!


If this request makes you think of someone you know who might like to participate, of course, feel free to pass this email along.


Get outside and look to the sun for a good dose of Vitamin D!


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