February’s DeClutter For Good Focus~ Business attire and accessories for Solutions at Work ~ helping people help themselves out of tough circumstances

Ready for this month’s DeClutter For Good focus?

 (Don’t be scared now!) This month, we are headed into the far corners of our closets, dressers and any other location where we’ve stashed (or stuffed) no-longer-used business suits,  shirts, skirts, blazers, ties, costume jewelry, shoes, handbags and briefcases. 

To read all the where, when and what details, click here or just scroll down to the February 9th post.

For the most part, we will be giving this month’s donated business items to Solutions at Work, a Cambridge-based organization that provides 3 full business outfits to clients who are referred by area service organizations. To learn more about their program, visit the Solutions at Work website by clicking here.

There are a variety of circumstances that lead to a point where men and women turn to organizations like Solutions at Work for help. They’ve been working hard to find their way out of difficult circumstances ~ whether initially of their own creation or not ~ from victims of physical abuse, emotional abuse or substance abuse, to those living through homelessness or incarceration ~ any of these situations, at times, complicated by emotional or physical disabilities.

After participating in valuable rehabilitative and/or training programs through various, MA-based, service organizations, these individuals are ready to take the next important step on the road to self-sufficiency ~  employment.. The services provided by Solutions at Work, initiated through referrals from these area service organizations,  helps those in need put their best foot forward in interviewing and employment settings.

If you are aware of service organizations on the North Shore that serve individuals who would benefit from the Solutions at Work program, please let them know about Solutions at Work, or feel free to encourage them to contact Time Well Spent.

 Don’t worry whether something is out of style or in less than perfect condition this month! I plan to use outdated neckties, suits and such to build the repurposing material supply in the Workshop. For some inspiring photos of examples of the sorts of repurposed products that will be available at Time Well Spent, click here to go to my photoblog called Picture This @ Time Well Spent. There are tons of fabulous examples of business-wear repurposed into all kinds of things on the internet ~ Google It! 


This great chair was creatively refurbished in Maine. Go to http://www.dellamano.com to see more beautiful and inspired repurposed creations!

New to the DeClutter For Good concept at Time Well Spent? Our ongoing efforts are intended to inspire suburbanites to clear the clutter that’s getting in the way in our homes (and our lives) in an easy and meaningful way. By combining our decluttering efforts and working with worthwhile service organizations, we will maximize the positive impact of our purposeful decluttering … Time Well Spent! Use the search tool in the right-hand column and search for the key term “declutter for good” to read all about the concept.


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