February DeClutter For Good ~ Suits and Business Attire for Women & Men

Help Time Well Spent reach our goal

of a total of 50 suits donated this month

and watch for the results next month!


 For Whom?        To Benefit Men and Women Working to Improve

                                 Their Lives in the Face of Rough Times

 With Whom?      TBA

 What?                   Suits & Business Attire for Men & Women

                                 (In very good condition, please. Suitable for interviewing and/or a daily business setting.)












 When?                 Saturday, February 21st, 10am-4pm **

 Where?                Time Well Spent Pre-Launch Office
                                89 Turnpike Drive/Route 1, Ipswich, MA

 * I’m currently researching different organizations that work to provide business attire to men and women in need in the north of Boston area. I strive to partner with organizations that provide an efficient system of gathering and distributing items at no cost to those in need. I also intend to seek out organizations invested in helping individuals actively improve their circumstances through training and support systems that counsel, educate and empower them to strive for a brighter future for themselves and their families.

 ** If you can’t make it Saturday the 21st, please contact me for alternative drop-off arrangements. 

Don’t worry whether something is out of style or in less than perfect condition this month! I plan to use outdated neckties, suits and such to build the repurposing material supply in the Workshop.

 Want to find out if we reached the 1000 book goal during the January DeClutter For Good Book drive?

Click here for the blog post announcing the results.

 New to the DeClutter For Good concept?
Click here for my blog post explaining the concept.

Interested in synchronizing your decluttering with our effort to help others?

Click here for the DeClutter For Good tentative monthly schedule.

 Know of an organization that could benefit from our DeClutter For Good efforts to provide business attire for adults working to improve their circumstances?

Contact me by  leaving a blog comment or go to my contact page for other options!

Finally, the incentive you need to attack the farthest reaches of your closet!


One response to “February DeClutter For Good ~ Suits and Business Attire for Women & Men

  1. Since I wear virtual rags when I work (cleaning houses) and my idea of dressing up is dungarees with no wear in the knees, I have nothing to contribute.

    I’ll ask my sisters for their clothes and bring up to you whatever they pass on to me.

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