870 Books Donated ~ Falling Just Short of January’s 1000 Book Goal

After a stormy DeClutter For Good Weekend, we managed to collect lots of books, considering the fact I’m still in the pre-launch phase of Time Well Spent. Here’s how the donations broke down:

398 Books to More Than Words ~ the wonderfully-inspiring hybrid non-profit/social enterprise that raises half of their needed funds through the sale of used books, both online (visit their ebay store by clicking here) and at their store/cafe in Waltham… Like so many social enterprises, More Than Words provides a true social service each and every day as they employ and guide a staff of at-risk teens, turning their lives around for the better and changing attitudes about the potential for teens who have experienced a rocky road in their still-young lives to follow a brighter path, given the guidance, encouragement and opportunity.

399 Books to Cornerstones School ~ this alternative, residential school is like a hidden haven for youth age 6-12 who are victims of abuse and are unable, at present, to participate in a public school environment. Up to 12 children who don’t have a safe home to return to at the end of the school day (home being the source of the abuse) instead reside in the residential portion of the facility where a dedicated staff work around the clock to provide a safe, nurturing setting in which the young victims work toward a healthier, happier, more stable life.

I am humbled by the work of both organizations and will continue to strive to direct help to them as much as possible.

The remaining 73 books were kept at Time Well Spent for one of two reasons. Some were kept for repurposing into altered book art, a very cool art form that takes the words and form of the old books and creates a new purpose for the books as inspirational art. Other books which fell into the self-help/how-to/inspiration/education categories will be added to our Learning and Sharing Resource Center.

Still have books to donate? Cool. I make the rules so, as long as I have the room, I’m happy to take them! Comment here or visit my Contact Page  and we can arrange a drop off for you. 

To those who already donated books ~ my most sincere thanks on behalf of Time Well Spent, More Than Words and Cornerstones.


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