Thank You 2008 ~ Taking a Moment to Extend my Thanks Before Diving into 2009 ~ Gratitude is an Underused Emotion and Appreciation an Underused Expression!

Taking a risk here (what’s new?) as I boldly attempt to thank all those who, whether they know it or not, helped me in my milestone year, as I threw caution to the wind and moved forward, ready or not, with the very real development of Time Well Spent, as steward to the entire concept and the social and environmental mission served (educating, involving and empowering the suburban community to living with mindful awareness and active choices that are socially and environmentally responsible and forward-thinking) .

What’s the risk in saying thanks? Why, leaving someone out, of course! And, given my issues with memory (loss, that is) and information overload, leaving someone out is a very real risk. So, let me just say THANK YOU up front to the countless people known and unknown who expressed their support of the Time Well Spent concept and their belief in it as a worthy and viable undertaking…

North Shore Women in Business,

Ginny Maglio,  

Debra Crosby,

Sallie Felton,

Nancy Black,

Jean Boccelli,

Liz Silva,

Bentley University (previously Bentley College),

Nicole Gamer, Associate Director, Development & Alumni Relations, and all the ladies involved with the Women’s Alumnae Chapter

Greg Maynard, Program Director, Regional Strategies & Regional Development Office

Small Business Development Center & Enterprise Center

Margaret Somer, SBDC Regional Director, 

Laurel Costello, SBDC Training Coordinator

Cathy Julien, Operations Manager,

Massachusetts Social Enterprise Networking Group

Anne Wunderli,

Jessica Lee,

David Jordan,

 Service Organizations

Josh Nespoli, Cradles to Crayons,

Jodi Rosenbaum  More Than Words,

Deborah Moules ,S.A.F.E. Studio,

Sheila Taylor, Ipswich Caring,

Check out my page on service organizations for a more complete listing of the growing list of organizations I’ve been in contact with and/or blogged about. ~ One of my favorite parts is learning of all the great organizations out there doing good work on the behalf of others and knowing that we can help through our DeClutter For Good events and the publicity that will accompany those events (soon!).


Those who donated to my temporary office (Sallie Felton, Julie Finn, Priscilla Herrington)…

All of those who donated to the donation drives…

And, all of those who have been supportive via email and telephone and have worked to provide donations whether it worked out or not! (There’s always the next DeClutter For Good donation drive!)

Family and Friends, New and Old

Rob Gallant, my husband, for patience, moral support and dinner preparations at home.

Mark Gallant, my son, and his friends Nick, Brian, Will, Manny, Drew and Chuck, for carrying up all the clutter for its new life at Time Well Spent.

Allison Gallant, my youngest, for proofreading my e-newsletters for errors and clarity of message ~ great skills and such important help ~ and if a bright 12-year-old can follow what I’m talking ab0ut, I figure most adults will, too!  (Note: The January e-newsletter is missing 2 links – to my Wish List page and my Help Spread the Word page. Geez, Alli, slacking off?! Kidding, of course, not a bad track record for a pre-teen! xoxo)

Betty and Charlie Darcy, my parents, for help with the rent!

Eileen and Rob Klapprodt, for help with my Echoing Green fellowship application.

Carol Leblanc, Mary Rokosz, Jo-Ann Duncan, Mike Koerber, Deb Galanis and Carolyn DesRosiers, friends and neighbors who have collectively given their moral support along with their own time spent considering Time Well Spent and sharing their thoughts and feedback.

James Palombo, my first student intern, extra thanks for putting up with the crazy year that was 2008! A bit like learning from the proverbial absent-minded professor!

Brian Rybicki, another guinea pig, the first of what I hope will be many community service teen volunteers. Starting early sets one up for a fulfilling lifestyle that incorporates service.

Chris Karras and Karen George,, my kind landlords who allowed me to rent their space on a month-to-month basis for “a few months” that haven’t ended yet!


Not on the list because I missed you?

PLEASE accept my most sincere apologies and know that, “It’s not you, it’s me!”


Not on the list because you haven’t gotten involved yet?

That’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for!

Put Time Well Spent atop your list and it’s sure to add to 2009

in a way that only helping others and contributing to the collective good can do!


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