DeClutter For Good at Time Well Spent in 2009

DeClutter For GoodTM Donation Drive Plans for 2009


Happy New Year! I hope the holidays provided a nice break from the typical work schedule and the tales of economic gloom and doom that seemed to define the last quarter of 2008. While rested isn’t the word that first comes to mind to describe the hectic holiday season, including 12 days with the kids on vacation, the break was definitely an important one. Still, I’m eager to get back to the business of getting my social enterprise off the ground. Sure, everyone needs to take a break from their projects from time to time to get some perspective. But now, I’m excited, even anxious, to get back to work, wondering how things will come together in what I know is a critical time to bring my concept to the next level…

While I know for sure that I have to focus on the business planning end of things for Time Well SpentTM ~ getting the initial funding and working out the projections for a financially-sustainable model ~ I plan to continue my “action while planning” approach to developing the business model. This allows me the opportunity for real-world experience to see just how the concepts that so clearly exist in my mind will translate to the real thing. It also provides a means to begin helping others in need, sooner rather than later, through our monthly DeClutter For GoodTM donation drives, even as I continue to do my research of and networking with mission-driven organizations…

Of course, it’s still a work in progress (an understatement!) and the donation drives will be of the “mini” variety until Time Well SpentTM  is officially up and running as the multipurpose center it is destined to become. Below I’ve provided my working list of the types of drives I envision doing and, in some cases, organizations I anticipate working with. Help me fill in the blanks by contacting me about any pressing needs you have regarding excessive clutter in your homes you’d like to put to good use and/or any service-driven organizations you are aware of that could benefit from a specific DeClutter For GoodTM donation drive topic.

I’m going to make the working list into a calendar-based page on this site (It’s my personal weblog serving as the pre-launch site for Time Well SpentTM) but I wanted the chance to explain my mindset in this blog post and set the plans in motion for 2009. Click here to read the past post about the DeClutter For GoodTM monthly donation event concept. Here’s the link to the DeClutter For GoodTMschedule page I’ve added that will be continually updated throughout the year with all kinds of detailed information about the when, what and for whom regarding each monthly drive.

Or, just read on for the overview of the DeClutter For GoodTM donation drives planned…

Likely DeClutter For Good Donation Drives & Potential Recipient Groups and/or Organizations

Computer Equipment and Computer
Games (need to track the best re-use of equipment, games will go to Cornerstones of Ipswich)

Bicycles (for use as transportation in third world countries)

Prom Gowns (for local distribution to needy communities, we will track the need)

Ladies Clothing Drive (for ReRun for HWAC Boutique, a consignment shop in Salem)

Business Clothing Drive (for local organizations serving those trying to get on their feet after trauma)

Book Drive (for More Than Words and other local organizations providing books to those in need)

Warm Winter Items ~ extra blankets, hats and mittens, winter boots (Cornerstones)

Baby Paraphernalia Drive (for Cradles to Crayons, baby needs being their most challenging to meet)

Sports Equipment &
Paraphernalia (for communities in need, whether in MA or not, we’ll track the need)

Toys & Games (for Cradles to Crayons to disseminate through their amazing system to those in need locally)

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are aware of an organization that might be interested in sponsoring any of the DeClutter For GoodTM weekends, please let me know… I am working on a worthwhile sponsorship package that follows my win-win-win motto! In the current economic and social climate, it’s more important than ever for organizations to show their support for those in need even as their own business needs more attention. Sponsorship will include a photo opportunity, 2 press releases, recognition and links on the Time Well SpentTM site and in the monthly newsletter.

Ongoing Opportunities to DeClutter For Good at Time Well Spent

Along with the monthly events, keep in mind that ongoing decluttering will exist at Time Well SpentTM for a variety of your typical clutter. Check out the pages of items we could use at Time Well SpentTM (the big stuff and the little stuff). And, rest assured, we’ll work to find organizations that can use those supplies that we can’t put to good use. In addition, we have some truly inspiring plans for finding worthwhile uses for many items that were headed for the trash or the recycling bin, another great twist to the DeClutter For GoodTM concept at Time Well SpentTM. Click here to read more about this recycling and reuse aspect of the decluttering plans!

Time to get down to business of making sure that 2009 is the year that Time Well SpentTM will come to exist as a vibrant, collaborative, arts and crafts, recycling and repurposing, community wellness center and consignment shop! Until next time, N.


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