Taking a Merry Break…

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been working on my Time Well Spent concept for nearly a year…

From those first weeks of brainstorming and sketching, to the months of online research and websurfing to that moment when I rented my pre-launch office… On to the summer when I continued to grow my idea in spite of the typical distractions of summer as a mom of 3… September hit and I revved up my networking in earnest and met many, many great folks in service-driven organizations and like-minded business professionals… To the most recent connections I’ve been making with the local business community, green-minded folks, flea-market lovers and “neighbors” who are enthusiastic about my unique mission-driven concept.

Of course, I could go on and on (my typical writing style which I’m trying to reign in just a bit).  But, I’m going to take a mental and physical break and spend some important holiday time with my somewhat-neglected family (don’t worry, the teens need to learn a bit about feeding themselves, eh?) and my seriously-neglected house…(not so good to espouse decluttering and simplifying in an effort to live a more purposeful life for self, family, others and the environment when you can’t walk through the hallway without tripping over the accumulated clutter!)

I’m getting some wonderful books to read, my Christmas present to myself,  that have been on my wish list since as early as February ~ Of course, the topics are all about inspiration and purposeful intent, moments of obligation and life choices ~ Putting Time Well Spent in the back of my mind might just be the biggest challenge of the holiday vacation.

So, until next time, I hope your holidays, whatever they may be, are time well spent. N.


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