It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys!

I attended the Massachusetts Conference For Women along with 5000 other women from all walks of business life and was so impressed with the time they gave to issues of social responsibility and living a life of purpose…Very promising for the future of  these concepts that will bring increased happiness to all and, ultimately,  a better life for those in need. There were some great women leaders there and rather than spend time listing them on my blog, here’s the link to the list of speakers and you can navigate through the site from that page.  Also, here’s an excerpt from the press release of the event, specifically the portion announcing the winner of the Be The Change Award, an incredibly deserving doctor working with the homeless on a daily basis, truly walking the walk…

Jessie M. Gaeta, M.D. was honored with the Conference’s Be the Change Award.The award recognizes a woman who rises above and beyond in the realm of service by shining light on an unmet need in her community.

Dr. Gaeta dedicates her life to caring for the homeless. As a practicing internist at Boston University Medical Centerand Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, she treats homeless patients on the streets and in shelters. Dr. Gaeta also leads policy advocacy at the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance. By raising awareness of the public health implications of homelessness and the cost-effectiveness of a Housing First approach, she has successfully influenced lawmakers to create social changethrough the institution of new approaches to ending homelessness.

The Be the Change Award was created in conjunction with renowned wellness facility Canyon Ranch. Dr. Gaeta will receive an all-inclusive, one-week stay for two at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Mass.

Bottom Line: Mark your calendar for next year’s event on Thursday, Dec 10, 2009… No, I’m not kidding, mark your calendar right on your computer. If you don’t use Google calendar yet or another computer calendar program, I really encourage you to give it a whirl. I’m hooked on the Google version myself where I can actually put color-coded entries in for each member of the family and even make a personal and a business calendar for myself using two different colors… You can choose and easily change which calendars you show at any given time. Updating and moving events is easy and you can decide whether to view by month or week or 7 day… Check it out!

Back to the conference… While the breakout sessions I attended were all worthwhile, my favorite had to be Marilyn Paul’s presentation inspired her book It’s Hard to Mske a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys. Marilyn used humor and humility to share her own struggles with chronic disorganization along with some great insights on the topic and strategies for truly breaking the cycle of disorganization. I only have one question: When did Marilyn get into my house and see the disorganized “situation” within the home of the very person hoping to DeClutter For Good and offer a peaceful yet inspiring space for personal mindfulness and creativity and social and environmental stewardship???!!!!

I could go on but will instead get to my neon 3×5 index card of MUST-DO items that I made, along with the several hundred other women, as part of the active session led by Marilyn. Marilyn’s site includes the complete text of the first chapter of her book along with a great article about “Stepping off the Treadmill.”  I highly recommend both.

Off to my MUST-DO list. N.


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