DeClutter The Holidays For Good – November Results AND Plan B

The results of the DeClutter Your Holidays For Good donation drive are a bit mixed. And, that’s okay! Part of my action-while-planning approach is to give ideas a try and see what works, what doesn’t and what to do about it. First, the results…

RESULTS From November DeClutter For Good:

  • 8 bags of clothes to Cradles to Crayons
  • 6 boxes of holiday clutter to Salvation Army
  • Still accepting holiday wrapping and gift bags for Ipswich Caring – I’ll update this post when completed
  • 6 boxes of children’s books – still determining where need is greatest for these – I’ll update this post when completed

Thanks to all who made donations. I have C2C tax donation receipts to give to you for your year-end records.

Special thanks to Nancy Black for referring a friend who dropped off bags of clothes for C2C ~ Great to meet you, Karen. 10 Clutter Credits for Nancy! Nancy has owned Organization Plus for 25 years – since before getting organized and decluttering was ‘IN’! Happy Anniversary, Nancy

In addition, when Julie Finn dropped by with a winter coat and boots for C2C, she also brought a few things for Time Well Spent:

  • a great old hassock with wonderful chunky ‘feet’ in need of a fresh upholstering for a fresh new look at life
  • old drapes with plenty of wear (oh, gosh, reminds me of another Jule…Julie Andrews and the play clothes she made for the Von Trapp kids… while I don’t see play clothes in the drapes future, they might just be able to cover that hassock Julie brought, Julie Finn, that is…)
  • old costume jewelry for repurposing in the Workshop

Thanks Julie, Clutter Credits for You!

The Analysis

While many love the idea of getting rid of holiday clutter, you know, those ornaments and decorations that you take out year after year but don’t actually use, most folks just aren’t ready to declutter their old holiday decorations and such by late November. Yet, it is the time to donate them to places like Salvation Army to sell at their second-hand store. Congrats to fellow Ipswich mom Jean Swenson for DeCluttering her Holidays For Good. I dropped boxes and boxes of holiday decorating and serving treasures from Jean at The Salvation Army in time for them to get them out to their second-hand store before the holidays…

So, here’s Plan B:

This year, when you drag out the boxes of decorations, set aside one box to fill with those decorations, holiday dishes, holiday books, videos and the like that you don’t use… If you haven’t used it in 2 Christmases, chances are you won’t use it in holidays to come, either. Of course, all the salvage places like Salvation Army can’t possibly hold all those DeCluttered Holiday Treasures after January, as their whole system is based on moving things along! So, mark the box Christmas DeClutter or Time Well Spent, something that will catch your attention. Then, put it in the attic/cellar/back of the closet (you know all the hiding spots in your house). Next fall, we’ll break it all out early and get it to local service organizations where needs exist. This will allow us the possibility of getting it directly in the hands of the needy, though having them sold at second-hand shops that offer social services isn’t a bad idea either!


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