Two More Opportunities for local giving on the North Shore

I am supposed to be working on my fellowship application for EchoingGreen, a wonderful organization that helps social entrepreneurs (me please!) at the seed funding level (me, me, me!) who have a truly original idea with the potential and intent to change the world for the better (me again – morphed into Time Well Spent!)…

BUT, I just thought it important to share these two posts from North Shore Cafe (this is the conversation board associated with the Beverly area freecycle group)… So, pardon me for not writing more on these wonderful organizations and making a point to include links directing to the particularly relevent pages on their websites…Goodness knows I could totally get into learning and sharing all the details of these mission-driven organizations and l Iook forward to getting to know them better in 2009.

For now, here’s the FYI (oh, yes, and I can help get donations where they need to be, as noted further down):

Continue Reading for the details on these two worthwhile efforts ~ Department of Mental Retardation STAR Project and Education Outbound Santa Helicopter Event…

The Department of Mental Retardation STAR PROJECT

The Department of Mental Retardation serves thousands of people in
the North Shore communities —many of whom are truly isolated, alone,
and without family.

We would like your help in making this holiday season festive for
someone by making sure they have something special. Please stop by
our office to pick up a “Star.”

On each star will be the name and some gift ideas for the person in
need. Please return your donated gift unwrapped with the
original “Star” to our office by FRIDAY DECEMBER 12th.We will take
care of the gift wrapping and delivery of your generous contribution.

Help us to spread holiday cheer! Participate in our “Star Project”

The Department of Mental Retardation
North Shore Area Office
100 Cummings Center – Suite 150B
Beverly MA 01915
Phone: 978-927-2727 ext 103 (ask for Millie)

On December 3rd, I will be going to an appt at the Small Business Development Center in Salem (a wonderful resource for small business owners and small business owner wannabees!), I would be more than happy to deliver gifts to the office at the Cummings Center or pick up stars for anyone interested in helping make the holidays brighter for someone with mental disabilities. While my contact with mentally disabled adults is between nothing and barely any, I’m always struck by their generally happy and loving nature on those occasions when I have been around these truly special people. Who better to give to for the holidays?


Department of Children and Families

Here’s the note from one of the caring members of the North Shore Cafe as she passes along a request from her contact at the DCF (Formerly DSS):

hi all.
This woman runs a party each year for needy children.  She is a non-profit which can be checked out online and the children she serves goes through me at the Dept of children and families (formerly known as DSS).
I can speak first hand at how amazingly excited the kids get. even i get excited to see the helicopter circling and the big man in a red suit waving at us!  I supplement her gifts with donations i get of new books, blankets, hats and mittens. 

i just wanted to share with you in case you were looking for a place to give for the holiday.  i get calls at the DCF office all the time with people wanting to sponsor a child or family, so i know folks are out there looking.  Your donation it 100% tax deductable. 

Hello Friends and Family!
It is that time of the year, and once again I am so excited for Education Outbound¢s 7th Annual Santa Helicopter Event (  On Dec. 13th (Sat.), we are arranging for a helicopter, filled with Santa Claus and his gifts, to fly to the Manchester Athletic Club where over 100 underprivileged children (ages 1-12) will be waiting with smiles and big applause.  After the helicopter lands, Santa will go inside where he will distribute gifts to each and every child.  The Manchester Athletic Club is also providing sweet treats, cookies, chocolate milk and organized games for the children.  It will be a wonderful day for these kids.
We are working with the Department of Chidlren and Families to bring the children to us, and we are asking for your help.  The goal is to raise $2,500 for the gifts ($20 for each child).  100% of your donation goes to the actual gifts.  The gifts we purchase with your donation will bring a child so much happiness at this tough time of the year.  Please, talk to your friends, family, coworkers, anyone you think might be interested and remember even a small contribution will help.

If you are interested in contributing, please make the check out to Education Outbound and send the check or cash to this mailing address:
Megan Connolly
P.O. Box
 333Manchester, MA 01944If you have an account with Pay Pal, you may donate safe and securely online too.  Go to and use the email address  Education Outbound is a registered 501c and your contribution is tax deductible.  Education Outbound will send you a confirmation letter for your records.
…Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Megan Connolly
Education Outbound


That’s it for today…almost… One mroe thing: I’ve mentioned it many times before, but it bears repeating, for volunteer wannabees and organizations in need of volunteers, is a website listed in my list to the right (which really isn’t a blogroll, now that I notice that wrong heading I’ll have to fix – that’s why I call it my temporary cyberhome of Time Well Spent, down and dirty but with a heart of gold, I assure you!)… I’ve blogged about the organization and have links to it all over the place, the easiest being up above on the page listed Local Organizations Doing Good Work Now or words to that effect…

Alright, back to my fellowship application ~ wish me luck! N.


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