The Salvation Army – How Donations to their Stores are Used

One could spend a great deal of time on the Salvation Army’s various regional websites and certainly  I recommend it. That said, I’d like to share right here the text from the webpage describing just how donations of goods to be sold at the Salvation Army’s thrift stores, aka Family Stores, are used to support their mission and help those in need in the local community (NOTE that I’ve added bold type to emphasize some key points that stood out to me.):


Shop America’s Favorite Family Store…
where your purchases always help us help others.

In a very real sense, The Salvation Army Family Stores are at the heart of the Adult Rehabilitation Center philosophy. These simple community stores serve several distinct purposes:

  • Our Family Stores provide quality clothing, furniture and other goods to the community at bargain prices.
  • 100% of the proceeds from our Family Stores go directly to the operation of The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers, allowing them to be self-sustaining.
  • A major part of the men’s and women’s involvement in their own rehabilitation is Work Therapy. Some of this is done in the Family Stores allowing them to regain self esteem and learn valuable vocational skills as well.

So you see, the Family Store is much more than meets the eye. It is an outlet for bargains, a donation center, a training site, and a place where neighbors can shop with dignity. So…

Shop America’s Favorite Family Store…
knowing you are helping yourself while helping others.

Chances are there is a Salvation Army Family Store near you. At your local Salvation Army Family Store you can find great deals and bargain prices on clothing, furniture, household goods, sporting equipment, books, electronics and much more.

Plus, your purchase directly funds The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers. That means that the bargains you find for yourself also helps others by reclaiming lives and healing families.

Salvation Army Family Stores provide quality goods at reasonable prices. Follow this link to find a family store near you

So, I highly recommend that you consider the Salvation Army whenever you are trying to rid your home of extra “stuff” that could be sold at the Salvation Army. I’m happy to include items in this month’s holiday clutter drive in a special drop off to the Salvation Army. If you have more than a few items to bring, you may choose to plan your own trip to Saugus… Any questions, feel free to post them here.


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