November DeClutter For Good Announcement

Holiday Clothes, Clutter and Crafts…You know you have plenty of it taking up space in your attics, basements, even your closets and under your beds (guilty!). It’s just waiting patiently, as it does each year, to trip you up (literally, in some cases) as the holiday season hits! Here’s a chance to DeClutter For Good…

What?                  Holiday Clothes and Decorative Clutter &
                           Old Holiday Crafts, Books and Greeting Cards

With Whom?        Ipswich Caring, The Salvation Army,
                          Cradles to Crayons & Time Well Spent                            
When?                 Sunday, November 30th, 10am-4pm                         

                         (I know it’s not the third weekend…
                         I think this is better for the holiday season!)

Where?               Time Well Spent Pre-Launch Office                          

                    Route 1 (89 Turnpike Drive), Ipswich, MA  

Transparency ~ Full Disclosure (a hallmark of doing business at Time Well Spent):  With the vast majority of donations being distributed to the Salvation Army, Ipswich Caring and Cradles to Crayons, I do want to point out that we may keep some of the donated holiday-related craft supplies to add to the materials for repurposing creativity and inspiration at Time Well Spent… The majority of those supplies will go to Ipswich Caring as I plan to meet with the director of that local organization and invite her to take what she needs for holiday crafting and gift-wrapping. A breakdown of donated items will be provided in next month’s newsletter. Check out the post below for the full October results of the Book Drive.


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