NSWIB Business Showcase and Newburyport Green EXPO Follow-Up

Keeping the posts unusually brief (a good thing), I really would be remiss not to mention the two events I experienced this past week, one as a participant, one as a visitor, both time well spent.

The North Shore Women in Business Showcase

I actually had my own table at this wonderful event held at the Danversport Yacht Club one rainy afternoon last week. It was my first foray into a truly “business” setting and I couldn’t have been more pleased. The women I met were as warm and authentic as they were professional and knowledgeable in their field. I am buoyed yet again by the fact that there are so many folks out there who are interested and supportive of my mission. People are good and doing business in a way that takes social and environmental responsibility into consideration is good for the soul and for business! The warm welcome and wonderful words of wisdom (wow…7 News has nothing on me when it comes to alliteration) were, in a word…need a w adjective here, anybody?…heck, it was fabulous! So, a shout out to NSWIB (here’s the link to their mission statement page) and thanks for including me, a newbie member, in your Business Showcase!

Newburyport’s GREEN EXPO

First, I feel the need to confess that I told the family I was heading out to food shop and would be dropping in on a green event just up the road in Newburyport. That was at noon… I arrived home, in the dark (and the pouring rain, again) at 5pm, with the groceries, thank goodness, or I might have been locked out… 

As I shared with my 3 kids and husband, the event was just to great to leave! I met so many like-minded people, with so many different areas of expertise and inspiration, all working toward a more environmentally-conscious society. I left with an armful of literature and business cards, planning to add them to my LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL corner of the prototype office. I’ve mentioned it before but it bears repeating: I am so excited at the benefits to the local economy that many mission-driven businesses create. It makes so much sense, when you are doing business locally, it is with fellow community members and the sense of caring is authentic… and the benefits to the environment are built right in as we work to at least minimize our environmental impact by keeping it local. For many of the companies represented, of course, that’s the cornerstone of their business, and a worthwhile one at that.

Here’s the link to Nport’s Chamber of Commerce page highlighting the event and listing many of the participants and sponsors. Very impressive, Newburyport! I look forward to getting to know many of the active greenies as I work to bring my new triple-bottom-line business off the launching pad!


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