Multi-Tasking at Time Well Spent ~ DeClutter Your Books and Drop In for a Visit

Since I’m going to be at the office all day Sunday anyway, I’d love to show off my temporary space (such as it is!) to folks who have the time and inclination to drop by! The office serves as a mini-prototype of my envisioned Repurpose Collaborative Center. Feel free to stop in, have a light snack and a look around.

If you already have some clutter in mind for Time Well Spent from the DeClutter For Good lists and it makes things easier for you, plan to bring it along.  I’ll issue clutter credits for the items you donate as we begin to get that pilot program off the ground. Check the small things and big things if you might want to make the most of your decluttering efforts this week. If so, please be in touch so that we can be sure my space and needs are a match for your decluttering efforts.

Too busy? I totally get that! If concentrating on the More Than Words/Time Well Spent BOOK donations is all you can handle this weekend, please focus on that. If you don’t have books to donate or if things are too hectic to participate this time around, that’s okay, too. 

Let’s face it, your clutter will still be waiting for you, tripping you, messing up your house, gently reminding you of its hard-to-forget presence!  No guilt, no stress, deep breaths… There’s always next month… Ever heard the old riddle, “How do you eat an elephant?”  The answer, “One bite at a time!” Reminds me of the challenge of clearing our clutter AND the challenge of starting my mission-driven business ~ One bite at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time…





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