DeClutter For Good – October Drive – BOOKS – 10/19

Books, books, books… I think Jerry Seinfeld did a comedy bit pondering the age-old question of what makes books so special that we cling to them even after having read them, including those we never intend to read again, or those we never did read (or likely ever will)… As usual, I am GUILTY, GUILTY GUILTY! I’m not casting stones, I assure you, from the vantage of my glass house! I often reference the thirty-something gardening titles I accumulated as I took up gardening (this in response to reaching my 40th birthday!).

I am so excited about my solution to our book overload… With an older, wiser, more frugal and more environmentally-aware mind-set, no longer will taking on a new hobby cause an online book-shopping spree. You need only drop by Time Well Spent and peruse books to your heart and mind’s content…  How so? At Time Well Spent, we have a Shared Resource space, where folks can flip through a book on a new area of interest or check out the latest magazines (freeing yourself up to cancel subscriptions at home!). You can read more about my vision for the Shared Resource/Learning & Sharing Space by clicking on this link. What’s more, this growing collection of books does not exist merely in my imagination. It is a growing space at my temporary/prototype space in Ipswich.

I encourage those of you with extra books cluttering the bookcases, basements and corners of your homes to start sorting through those books with our DeClutter For Good Weekend in mind. October’s DeClutter For Good Donation Focus is BOOKS. So, roll up those sleeves (put on a dust mask if you are allergic to dust ~ I know of what I speak) and start to go through your books in anticipation of the third weekend of the month, our standard donation weekend, always with a shifting focus. As we declutter our homes one topic at a time, so will we be helping others and the environment through our collective efforts to DeClutter For Good. The Weekend Drive will be held on Sunday, October 19th from 10am-4pm at my temporary/prototype space in Ipswich.

This month, your donated books will serve one of two purposes.  The majority of the books donated will be happily delivered to More Than Words to support their efforts to make a difference in the lives of teens they serve as well as the attitudes of the community that learns through the examples set by More Than Words, an organization that is more than worthy.  For all the details, read my post about More Than Words. Time Well Spent will add those donated books to our own growing library that represent topics of interest (self-help, hobbies, business, inspirational biography).

Win- Win – Win!!! Helping at-risk youth by donating to More Than Words, growing the Time Well Spent collection of self-help books, and reducing the number of books cluttering your home, while still able to visit some favorite titles at Time Well Spent…

Actually WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN with the fourth win being the environment as we reduce books being added to landfills by reusing old books and reducing future purchases by sharing books at Time Well Spent.

Really old books? We can use them in mixed media art and altered book art, but that is a post for another day! Until then, N.


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