Cradles to Crayons Mini-Drive Update PLUS Bentley and City Year Connection

My original plans to attend a volunteer day at the Cradles to Crayon Giving Factory have changed. I had been going to attend with students and alums from my alma mater, Bentley College, but learned they have exceeded their number of volunteers! Those Bentley kids are getting a well-rounded education, business and otherwise, to be sure ~ not that I’m biased or anything! On a side note, when I went to the Bentley site to grab the url (website name for those non-computer folks), I was pleased and not at all surprised to see news of an initiative Bentley is announcing in partnership with City Year. I saw City Year co-founder Michael Brown speak at Bentley last year. City Year provided the model for Americorps, if I’m not mistaken. I also saw Brown speak at Echoing Green Luncheon over the summer. Next time, I will have to make a point of introducing myself to this amazing role model. I strongly encourage all readers to go to Bentley’s page all about this wonderful and exciting new program “that bridges the worlds of higher education and community service.”

Anyway, back to the donation drive, I’ll be going to Quincy to drop off the donations next Tuesday and learning a bit about their organization while I’m there. I estimate that I will still have room in my car if anyone didn’t make it to my drop-off day who has donations they would like to make.

If you want to learn more about Cradles to Crayons, read my post or just visit their site. I am particularly impressed by the way the organization makes the best use of time and resources, getting donated items directly to where there is a need, eliminating time spent by donors and recipients in the search process.


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