Feeling Like a Winner ~ Quoted in EchoingGreen contest announcement

Well, I’m still showing how green, as in new, I am… I’m quite excited to share that I lost a music play list contest… That’s right. I lost! It’s all good though for several reasons.

1. It got me to relax and listen to and reconnect with some great music.

2. Anthony Showalter from Echoing Green chose to quote me in his summary about the winner and the true purpose of the contest.

Sometimes I wonder how well I’m connecting… And, I’m sure sometimes I connect better than others. (Last week, one e-newsletter recipient said she really enjoyed keeping up with my efforts and reading about them in particular. Another blog reader told me via email he had no clue what I was talking about, though he applauded my enthusiasm…) Alas, Rome wasn’t built in a day… Anthony’s comments were just the boost of energy to get through the next day ~ There’s inspiration all around if we look in the right places…

and 3. Now there’s a whole bunch of playlists of inspirational music to refer to should one need an extra boost of inspiration/kick in the pants!

Check out the winning playlist and some of the 40 submissions on the Echoing Green Blog.

Happy Singing/Dancing/Listening, any combo thereof… N.


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