greenUPGRADER shares lots of great finds on their site everyday – worth checking out!

For visual learners, lovers of new gadgets and all things eco-friendly, may I suggest a website:

I get lots of blog posts sent directly to my email (this because I am over 40 and therefore statistically less inclined to check RSS feeds and rather choose to stick with my trusty email inbox ~ I just made that up, seeing if you’re paying attention out there!) Well, I get a greenUPGRADER update pretty much every day and often it includes more than one post… Busy folks there at greenUPGRADER and, in my opinion, their posts don’t disappoint… Once I figure out how to use “Morning Coffee” ~ what looks like a cool tool on Firefox ~ greenUPGRADER is sure to be on my list of websites that opens in my tabs automatically a couple of times a week…

Here’s an example of a post. Thought for sure it was a piece of art created by local kinetic artist George Sherwood. On closer look, you’ll see its a marriage of form and function, beauty and purposeful intent (causing me to wax/blog poetic). Take a minute to check it out and then get on with your day ~ Carpe Diem! N.

energy ball turbine

The Energy Ball is a slick, silent, and efficient wind turbine that
can create usable energy from even light winds. The main factor
contributing to the success of the Energy Ball design is the use of the
Venturi effect. The Venturi effect occurs when an “incompressible fluid flows through a constricted section,” this
results in the production of increased kinetic energy. Home Energy is
the Swedish Company responsible for the application of this effect to
the Energy Ball. Another contributing factor to the efficiency of this
model is the rotating shaft is parallel with the wind direction making
it more aerodynamic. Through the use of 6 curved blades that form a
sphere while in motion the Energy Ball is geared to be an ideal energy
source for small scale use.

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