While you’re “DeCluttering for Good” for Cradles to Crayons, Check out the updated Small Things and Big Things lists (above) for items we could put to good use at Time Well Spent.

If you are planning to participate in the Donation Opportunity Weekend, now might be the time to declutter even more of your stuff, clearing up your own home, and turning in needed items to TIme Well Spent for Clutter Credits. Be sure to check out the updated Small Things and Big Things pages…

From an earlier post describing “The Workshop” area at Time Well Spent, “A Clutter Credit system is being devised so that whenever someone donates their usable clutter to The Workspace, they will earn credits that can be used toward using any of the donated clutter in their own creations…”

Questions about stuff you have or want to arrange a drop off? Post right here or just send me an email at nancy.gallantATcomcastDOTnet . Soon, I’ll be sharing set days and times when I will make it a point to be at my temporary office, but know that I’m always willing to work with you to schedule a drop off time and to discuss your possible donations… Thanks in advance! N.


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