Announcing our First Donation Opportunity – Help Fellow Man and Mother Earth – “DeClutter For Good” and give to Cradles to Crayons

On the third weekend of each and every month, we will be conducting a donation drive… Count on it! A chance to “DeClutter for Good” in an easy-to-do manner… I blogged about the concept back in June and I encourage you to read the post. Too busy? That’s understandable… In fact, that’s the reality – folks are pretty busy but want to do good for others whenever possible. The monthly donation drive, which I prefer to refer to as a donation opportunity, will allow those of us with extra stuff to Declutter For Good and get our unused, but perfectly fine, “stuff” directly to those in need, compounding the positive effect by pooling our collective clutter.

Without any further ado, here are the details of the Inaugural DeClutter For Good Weekend:

Who? Via Cradles to Crayons, children in need locally will be the recipients of the donated items.

Read on for more from the About Cradles to Crayons page:

Living in poverty means no books, shoes that don’t fit properly, a
worn-out winter coat. When you donate to Cradles to Crayons, you can be
absolutely sure that your donation goes to a deserving local child, for
whom the donation was specifically requested. Partnering with social
service agencies enables us to reach thousands of individual children
each month. Our partners include hospitals, health centers,
family-service agencies, shelters and schools, among others.There
is a great need for our services. Almost 500,000 Massachusetts
kids (one out of three) live in poor or low-income households.* At some
point this year, almost one in five of these children
(98,000) will experience homlessness. Homeless families remain in
a shelter, on average, for 6 months before finding permanent housing.

What? Quality goods (“good enough for your own children”) for children 0-12…

From Cradles to Crayons recommended donation list, items they accept that are gently used include clothing, shoes, books, baby supplies and equipment and toys.Please go to their page for a full list including more details of acceptable and unacceptable items. The full list also includes lots of new/unused things, too, like socks and underwear, arts and crafts, hygiene products, school supplies. Of course, Time Well Spent accepts (and loves) used craft supplies so bring those along for Time Well Spent while you are gathering your donations for Cradles to Crayons!

Any questions about specific items to donate? Don’t hesitate to send a message along to Cradles to Crayons or, simply, post your question here and we’ll get the answers…

Where? TBA, I’m working out the details of just where we will do the collection – once we have permanent space, our donation events will be weekend-long… This event may be just one day. I’ll update this post once I work out the details.

When? Sunday, Sept 21

How? DeClutter over the next couple of weeks, double check the list on the Cradles to Crayons site and drop off all that qualifies.

Why? From Cradles to Crayon’s site:


Why did I choose Cradles to Crayons? I had heard quite a bit of buzz about the organization throughout my research as they have been receiving considerable recognition for their successful efforts to facilitate the process of getting worthwhile but unused items from those who have to those who have not, locally… If you have time to check out their website, I encourage you to do that. On the other hand, you can rest assured that the organization has been receiving excellent support and well-deserved recognition. It’s a values-driven organization and nothing will be sold for profit from the donations.  Read more about the Cradles to Crayons story on this page. Rather, the donations will be matched with area children in need. My goal for each month is to respond to a need directly and/or partner with organizations who are getting donated items to those in need directly.

I am excited to report that I will be volunteering at the Cradles to Crayons Giving Factory with the Bentley Women’s Alumnae Chapter later this month and look forward to seeing how the donated items are organized and prepared for distribution to those in need. I’ll be sure to share more after that visit.

Here’s a great menu of ways to help Cradles to Crayon:

I hope you find C2C’s work inspirational and find the time to DeClutter for Good in time to participate in this exciting, first of many, Donation Opportunity Weekend. Mark your calendar for the third weekend of the month and stay tuned for the drop off details… Thanks for your support! N.


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