Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! Expanding my e-newsletter contact list

After a summer of networking, sharing, learning and researching, both in person and via the internet, I’ve accumulated a growing list of contacts. So, this month’s e-newsletter update goes out to a growing group of like-minded people from a varied assortment of categories… Goodness knows that long e-newsletters do not make good business sense. So here, on my blog, is my extended welcome to the many, many fine people whom I am honored to add to my list. 

[An Aside: Rest assured that Constant Contact has an excellent reputation and does not re-use or share email lists, and neither do I.  Of course, you can unsubscribe anytime, but why would you do that? I’d feel badly (still working on growing a thicker skin, though my sensitive side is likely a large part of WHY I do what I do…) Besides, you might just miss some really worthwhile opportunities to benefit from or offer your assistance to Time Well Spent.]

So, read on for my extended WELCOME…

Welcome ~ LOCAL ECONOMY (Small Businesses, Solo-preneurs, School and Community Members…)

I truly am excited to welcome so many like-minded folks whom I have met throughout this pre-launch journey (my own personal “excellent adventure”). Included on the updated list are plenty of local contacts including school and town community members, small business owners, freelance professionals, as well as artists, artisans, and experts representing the local creative economy. I’m convinced that both the “local economy” and the “creative economy” are integral to a strong, vibrant, healthy and  well-intentioned community (that’s a lot of adjectives, but it’s my blog and I can overdo if I want to). Local and creative economies are two key elements of the business economy with whom I fully intend to work closely. Forging partnerships with these fellow community members and businesspeople along the way will benefit the small business owners and the local community. 


Welcome ~ SERVICE SECTOR (non-profits, triple-bottom-line enterprises, consultants, coaches, health and wellness professionals…)
Welcome greetings also go to service and social sector professionals whom I’ve been priveleged to meet, in person or “virtually” over the internet, throughout the course of my pre-launch experiences. Helping others and helping ourselves are both important elements to leading our most authentic life, being true to ourselves and of service to those less fortunate and the environment. I have been simultaneously humbled and inspired by the work of so many truly wonderful people already. I would love to list all the amazing organizations these wonderful folks represent but I don’t want to leave anyone out. Instead, I will list their websites on a new page soon (adding that to my to do list right now!).
Welcome ~ Professional Business World
My concept relies on serving my social and environmental mission specifically in a manner that incorporates proven business principles along the way, ultimately making the business replicable, the positive impact therefore increased exponentially.  Welcome to those who are receiving this for the first time who are business professionals I’ve “met” along the way…from business meetings, webinars, training sessions at the Small Business Development Center and/or the Enterprise Center  (I still mix them up – they are located at Salem State College and are a great resource!).  These business professionals I’ve met have shared a lot of my guiding principles. They seem to get it – the whole “authentic life,” “helping others is good business” trend…   It’s heartening to know that this mega-trend ~ toward incorporating service to others and the environment ~ is reaching the business world. I truly believe corporate social responsibility (CSR) will increasingly be integrated into organizations in order to survive, even if without the noblest of intentions. That said, I’m starting to believe that there are many, many professionals out there who want to do the right things for the right reasons…not just the financial bottom line…
My business knowledge base, the foundation of which was gained (gulp) a couple of decades ago at Bentley College (my ode to Bentley if you haven’t read it) is strengthened by this growing network of like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurs from business educators to non-profit executives, tas well as the examples set by corporate moguls turned philanthropist and solo eco-preneurs advancing an entire new industry. Hats off to those of you on this list and thanks so much for your interest and advice along the way… 
That’s it for now on my extended welcome! Thanks for joining me. Lots of people, lots of potential… It should be, you guessed it, Time Well Spent!

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