Happy New Year!

No, it’s not January, It’s not Chinese New Year, but every parent of a school-going child knows what I mean… In fact, kids or no kids, September gives us all an opportunity to regroup, rededicate, revisit, return to those prioirities and to-do list items that somehow weren’t addressed over the summer, rainy though it may have been (which should have just maybe provided a chance to get some things done).

Let me take this post to say, “Welcome Back” to my blog if you haven’t visited in a while or missed the August update…Oh, that’s right, I missed writing the August update…Really, I was just trying to give all my friends and family, readers and supporters a break, it being summer and all! You buying that? In all honesty and with all joking aside, I was working on the pre-launch and research of my new concept more days than not over the summer. For me, the fall will be an important time to increase my forward-moving efforts to get this idea off the ground… The take-off may not be textbook, but it’s sure to be a great ride and the sky’s the limit. You on board? Read on…

As Labor Day signifies the unofficial end of summer, here’s hoping the summer was good to you! If you are feeling regretful that you didn’t stop and smell the roses (or your flower of choice), September is a beautiful month to enjoy those waning days of summer which doesn’t officially end, of course, until September 20/21. Yes, I’m on that list ~ hoping, no, scheduling in, a trip to the beach to breathe in the salt air, listen to the sound of the waves as the tide rolls in, and feel the sand between my toes… The ocean is at once cathartic and inspiring as we contemplate our accomplishments (and our failures ~ the best laid plans…), and most importantly, plan for the days ahead… And that’s as it should be, a reflective glance back but a determined focus ahead.

As you plan for the next several months, focused on the future, for your own sake and to support my mission-driven objectives, please take a quiet break with the laptop and a “cuppa” and check out some of my summer posts and updated and new pages, post your comments or questions anywhere on this site and I’m sure to see them… It’s quite painless, I promise. If my concept brings a certain friend, family member or business associate to your mind, thanks in advance for spreading the word to those folks who might be interested in getting involved in some way.

Last but not least, if you haven’t gotten to decluttering, this is truly a fabulous time to do so, the calm before the storm of the holiday season (gosh, I’m getting a bit cynical!). Anyway, if decluttering, paring down, simplifying and organizing are on your fall to-do list, thanks for keeping Time Well Spent in mind.

Until Next Time, N.


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  1. i agreed with author. thanksqz

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