A New Chapter (for me)…

Check out the text box in the top right hand corner of the page!! ===>

Woah!!! Big News… Stop the Presses, right?! Well, for me, this is big news.

I feel liberated by the fact that Sharing My Castle in the Clouds is now officially my personal blog. What makes it official? Because I said so…It’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to (kinda catchy…)

Meanwhile, the business blog for Time Well SpentTM is in the works. Oh, gosh, “Puh-Leaze” do not hold your breath. That is way too much pressure for me. One of my objectives (which ultimately serves my mission) is a conscious effort to reduce stress, not add to it. Unfortunately, there nevers seems to be a shortage of stress, particularly in this society (oohhh, a topic to explore in a blog post).

Regarding my business concept, don’t worry…(I know you were about to go into a panic about the latest regarding the pre-launch…). Rest assured that it’s still my focus. I’ll keep sharing the latest on the business-front here until the Time Well SpentTM site launches.

Just think… Now, my posts here can be a bit willy-nilly, kinda cooky, heart-on-my-sleeve, sharing the latest, w/e… What’s that? The posts were kind of willy-nilly, whatever, switching between business lingo and personal moments of enlightenment already? Let’s just chalk it up to the fact that I’ve been sharing my authentic self here, first with my inner circle of friends and family, and ultimately with a growing group of new contacts, those established virtually and those established the old-fashioned way, through real-life, flesh and blood meetings of like-minded people sharing similar values-driven goals. (Note that the cyber contacts are actual human beings, too, at least that’s the assumption I’m working with…)

Wrapping it up for now as housework and family bills beckon. No, this short post is no indication that my posts will suddenly be shorter. Those of you who know me well know quite well that brevity is not a strength of mine. It’s my blog and I’ll be wordy if I want to…  

Until next time, those parents out there, hug your kids, because you love them and because they’ll be back to school soon (wahoo!). N.


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