A Peek at Things to Come ~ Stay Tuned…

Well, July was a crazy month, to say the least… Crazy, crazy, crazy… Isn’t that all we ever say?? I’m sure hoping that some of the planned activities for Time Well Spent will include some much-need Time Management and Lifestyle Choices workshops… In the meantime, I’m just going to have to fall back on the crazy, crazy, crazy mantra for a few more weeks (September and Back to School ~ Can’t say I’m not looking forward to that!).

I’m sure those visiting the site are anxiously awaiting the Back of the Napkin stylings of my space… Well, it’s on my to-do list. In the meantime, here’s a quick description of the areas not yet described, a peek at what is yet to come! (Click here to view the post that gives the original sketch of the entire space.)

The Private Room ~ A space for small group parties like Scouts, Bdays and Girl’s Night Out crafting as well as meeting space for members to use when they somewhere to meet with a client that’s a step up from the local coffee shop. I also envision offering the use of this space to local mission-driven organizations for board meetings on a space-available basis.

The Common Area ~ the space will be multi-functional which is environmentally friendly in and of itself. The majority of its use will be for retail sales of repurposed products, including the works of artist members through a consignment-based plan. We’ll be featuring environmentally-friendly products in the space as well.

And, read on for my envisioned piece de resistance…

The ReUse Wall ~ Making a visual statement and increasing awareness of all things having to do with gathering together our discarded items, saving them from the landfills, cluttering our homes, and even the recycle bin, and putting them to good use.

That’s going to have to do it for now… Do read my recent posts about The Workshop and The Sharing and Learning Center if you haven’t had a chance, check out the other special pages (they must be special since they aren’t merely posts, right?!). Last but not least, read about my business name announcement if you haven’t had the chance… It will be Time Well Spent!

Planning some quality family time this week ~ it’s been a while and I’m pretty excited about it ~ Hope I can put my newest baby (the business!) on the back burner. My best to you and yours until next time, N.


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