The Workshop ~ A Closer Look

Hey “Patient Reader” (my way of acknowledging the delay in posting – got Lyme Disease as the cherry on top to a busy few weeks!)…Anyway, enough excuses, here’s the overview sketch of the physical space for my new business:

Read the previous post for an overview of the back-of-the-napkin-idea-sharing! method!

Read the previous post for an overview of the back-of-the-napkin-idea-sharing! method!

Today’s focus is on the workshop area, which has been moved to the bottom right of the space (to increase efficiency of space with regard to the need for a utility sink (and the accompanying plumbing requirements). Here’s a more detailed sketch of the workshop space:

The Workshop ~ Pretty Straightforward at First Glance...

The Workshop ~ Pretty Straightforward at First Glance...

Ready for a tour???

Okay, I’ll attempt to briefly provide a low-tech version of a cyber-tour of the workshop (whenever I use the term “brief,” I tend to qualify it with the word attempt”). First, let me warn you…the Lyme is getting a grip on my brain again and making me a little punchy…Those of you who know me realize I use humor as a coping mechanism. Oh my goodness, where would we be without the ability to laugh at life and at ourselves?? Anyway, with that disclaimer stated, let’s proceed:

The Open Shelving

FORM: Floor to ceiling open-shelving will be made from reclaimed barn board. If you’ve ever driven around New England, you know there are many picturesque old barns just aching for a new purpose in life… If you happen to know of such a barn yourself, let me know as I will put those long-ignored barn boards to service in a fabulous new life providing function and beauty to my space, while avoiding the use of newly harvested wood.

FUNCTION: The shelves will hold an ever-changing collection of discarded clutter just ripe for creative and functional repurposing as well. From old frames, mirrors, drawers, table legs, lamps and lampshades TO architectural salvage including balusters, corbels (now there’s an every-day word), old windows, shutters, chairs, decorative wall moldings, chair rails, and more…

The Work Tables

FORM: The tables and chairs that fill the Workshop will be rescued from basements, attics, breezeways, garages and barns, and yes, even the side of the road on occasion. Some will be quite recognizable for their past purpose as a dining room table set or a retro kitchen set. Others will be so refreshed with fresh paint, adorned with whimsical designs or even decoupaged with inspirational images or quotes, that you’d never guess the origins.

FUNCTION: Whatever the past life, these table and chair sets will provide the workspace for the creative repurposing that will take place in the Workshop. After all, what sense would it make to buy a bunch of new tables and chairs when reusing the old will be more environmentally-friendly and, I’d hazard a guess, more inspiring of creativity and eco-friendly living?

The Cubbies

FORM: Hmmm… Good question… Still working on that… I can, however, tell you what the cubbies won’t be – new! One of the fun aspects of starting up my triple-bottom-line enterprise is searching for the long-forgotten treasures that we will be put to good use. (For those who had little kids in the 90s, or have been to Broadway’s Beauty and the Beast, just picture those many furnishings dancing around with glee at the prospect of being put to good use, lamenting the years of despair spent serving no purpose!) There are a variety of old cupboards and organizational containers from artisans of days gone by that are just out there, somewhere, that will be put to use in The Workshop. Here’s how:

FUNCTION: The cubbies will be available to artist members who are working on projects. Rather than carting their half-made materials to the car and home (what a waste of human energy!), there will be a number of storage units that will accommodate the half-made treasures until the next visit.

The Organizers

FORM: Along the same line as the cubbies, only for smaller items, the organizers I seek will include old typesetting trays, old library card catalogs, old candy jars, canning jars, sewing table drawers, and the like. If it can attractively store all the small clutter that everyone will be ridding their house of, I’m interested in it!

FUNCTION: Oops, think I answered that already ~ storing all the small clutter that everyone will be ridding their house of… For a list of the small clutter I seek, click here. Also, know that the small treasures we will use include items that were likely clutter in homes of days gone by, such as old skeleton keys, watches and clocks (you know the kind with hands!), old doorknobs, old hooks of all sizes (I really love finding old hooks – whether the size to hold a teacup or a big old coat hook reminiscent of grammar schools of old). These organizers will house all the old game pieces as well… Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Bingo, as well as old Barbie accessories… Check out the May Pre-Launch Newsletter in the archives for links to some great samples of repurposed jewelry made from some of these items.

Okay, that ends the tour of the space! Any questions? Feel free to post in the comment section below, email or call me… You may want to read the next post first, as it will cover the activities that will take place in the Workshop…


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