Money Matters (because, well, money matters…)

Just a quick follow-up post to answer an oft-asked question, yes and no…

The question: Do you have a location?

The Answer: YES, I have an ideal location in mind and NO, I haven’t secured it yet…

The property owner/landlord accepts the concept as worthwhile but is unwilling to take on the risk associated with a triple-bottom-line enterprise. I know the concepts associated with mission-driven organizations (relying on best business practices to succeed in a competitive, capitalistic business environment) are still new to many. I suppose I can’t blame the property owners since the stated financial mission is not to maximize profits. Instead, the financial mission is to be financially-self-sustaining, earning funds through multiple income streams rather than grant-seeking efforts.

If, or, to frame the thought in positive terms, when I can provide a guarantee that the lease payments can be covered for the next few years, while working to realize and prove that my financially-self-sustaining model is viable, I will be able to proceed with a lease agreement. So, it looks like I will be seeking grant-funding after all, but only to meet seed funding needs and cover the rent during the start-up phase.

The reality of the distractions that the grant-seeking process creates only confirms my firm belief that grant funds are not the ideal funding source for a start-up social entrepreneur. To be sure, the seeking of the grants takes one’s attention away from efforts to more actively serve the mission… Okay, enough said on these distracting money and lease matters. If you know of a grant-making foundation, business, or angel with $60,000 to donate annually for the next three years, give me a call! Otherwise, just cross your fingers that my top location pick isn’t leased in the meantime!

I have to know that money matters, I just don’t have to like it!!!


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