Transition To Summer ~ The Balancing Act Between my new Social Enterprise and my Family Just Got More Challenging!

My kids  (12, 15 and 17) are home for the summer and I’m going to try not to feel guilty about the stress that brings to me… Transition Time… Hoping to make the summer a happy one including some family time as well as some time spent sharing my vision with them… This while dealing with the reality in my family that matches the stereotype – the kids have a negative reaction to anything I suggest. Their friends think my business concept is cool. Shout out to Bridee who knows more about the concept than most of my family!

So, this week, in the interest of getting more work done on my end while still sharing opportunities to help others where the need might be ~ starting locally ~ I’m going to keep sharing info on some local groups and local organizations doing good.

First, I want to thank the Moms of the Ipswich Pop Warner Cheerleaders! This past weekend, the group held a yard sale in front of the grammar school as a fundraiser… Shout out to the Ipswich School System for that great cooperative relationship and to Kathy Mc for letting me know about the yard sale… Anyway, at the end of the yard sale, after they had made some cash to support their efforts (being cheerleaders to the cheerleaders – go team!), they let me take what seemed to fit my needs for creative repurposing of stuff…

Here are some examples of the yard sale leftovers I took:  

  • an old lamp that would have been headed for the landfill, can be repainted and the lampshade can be creatively recovered… I think I’ll use it in my temp space as a great illustration of this type of revitalizing an old item with the same purpose.
  • some unused Easter baskets that I’ll use to help sort the creative clutter,
  • 4 never used mesh trash cans that I’ll use to illustrate my plans to help gather and recycle special items to keep them from the landfill or even “traditional recycling” (haha ~ that shows how far we really have come in spite of the miles to go)and put the items to worthwhile use (like empty medicine bottles that one socially-conscious Ipswich resident has been collecting and getting to Africa for HIV-medication distribution).
  • rolls and rolls of funky paper ~ something tells me this will lead to something creative down the road, yet to be imagined.

One item that hadn’t been grabbed was a great, low, train play table and under-table roll out storage bin. The moms and kids had worked hard and they were tired and unsure of what to do about the table.  I just couldn’t see it going into the land fill, and neither could they. So, as a way to show my thanks to the group for letting me take their extras for free (as I have no money in the business yet, a worry for another day), I offered to bring it home and find a worthwhile home for the table. I’ll be contacting the local organizations highlighted last week, starting with Horizons For Homeless Kids, to see if they can put it to good use. In the meantime, if anyone else knows of a non-profit or family in need that could use the table, let me know.

Thanks Ipswich Pop Warner Cheerleaders and Cheerleader Moms (the Power behind the Pom-Poms!), you guys R-O-C-K, ROCK!


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