Summarizing This Week ~ From Donating Your Stuff to Giving of Your Time & Yourself ~ It’s All Good

Well, I started out this week describing one of the cornerstones of my new mission-driven business ~ monthly donation opportunities announced the first of the month and culminating in a scheduled  weekend to drop-off the stated donation of the month. It’s a great way to organize our collective clutter and give it to a source that has a need for just such stuff. It’s along the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” mindset. Read my post all about it: Clutter for a Cause – Donation Opportunities Abound.
Since I’m not up and running (YET), I set out to share local organizations in need of your stuff that doesn’t qualify for repurposing into functional art and the like. Stuff that’s need is far more serious. Opportunities to help now because the need is out there… Read my posts about Wellspring House and Horizons for Homeless Children for more details.
Perhaps most important, I shared a fabulous find in, a website that could streamline the process for organizations working to do good who will benefit from an effective platform from which to share their needs and opportunities. Likewise, from the perspective of the would-be volunteer, puts all the choices at your fingertips, within geographic locations, areas of interest, even age group of prospective volunteers.
It does strike me that some of my friends and family following and supporting my pre-launch process might wonder how I got from donating stuff to volunteering of time, self and services. Here’s an entry from my special email update announcing the details of my move (and my donation needs) for my temporary office/work space:









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Have A Wonderful Weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there! Nancy









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