Clutter for a Cause – Donation Opportunities Abound

In addition to using repurposed clutter in the trash-to-treasure manner that we are planning, regularly scheduled donation opportunities will be a cornerstone of our calendar.

Our donation opportunities will provide an organized way to contribute to those in need for those of us who live busy lives but would like to help, if only we could find the time and felt sure of where to donate our worthwhile, but no longer needed, extra stuff (clutter). By working together, (doing a little research ahead of time and planning out some basic logistics) we can get the items right to where they are needed. And, all you will have to do is drop by with your donations on the designated collection weekend. Not to get ahead of myself, but it will be the third weekend of the month, each month, once I secure a permanent location, start-up funding, build out the space, get all the legalities in place… (Okay, so I like to get ahead of myself, it’s part of my master plan!)

As we move forward, we will give where the need exists in our community. And, by “community,” I am including every interpretation of the term, starting right here on the North Shore, to the community within the borders of Masssachusetts, New England and beyond. With online connections today redefining our concept of community and with needs existing in any number of places ~ some constant, some suddenly precipitated by natural or man-made disaster ~ our donation drives could include the broader communities of our entire nation and continent, our soldiers abroad and, indeed, our fellow man (and woman and child) wherever the need might be greatest and most urgent within the world-wide community.

When it comes to old clothes, toys, games, discarded tools, appliances and the like, some of the larger organizations collecting items do certainly provide a service. Yet, I also think it is worthwhile to donate items directly where needed. In this way, we are filling a specific need and the recipient gets the donation without having to pay for it at a second-hand shop, along with the knowledge that someone cared enough to help them during hard times. I eagerly look forward to the day that my vision of a monthly donation collection is a reality. For now, I will begin to provide information on organizations that could use your in-good-condition items that you no longer need and that don’t suit our repurposing needs. Watch for posts this week for some of the organizations I am planning to research as potential recipients of our donation drives.

If my math is right, removing the clutter from your own home, saving it from the landfill, and giving to someone in need ~ that’s a WIN-WIN-WIN… If you want to add the example you are setting for your children, that’s a fourth WIN. Oops, almost forgot the “feels-good-to-do-good” benefit you get (a scientific fact, did you know?) – that’s 5 WINS just from taking the time to put some thought (and a bit of research and coordination) into HOW we choose to declutter our lives.

Well, that’s one important part of my master plan ~ I hope you like the idea. When I think of the possibilities, I just can’t wait to make this amazing dream come true. I believe that together we can make a world of difference, not only in the donations we make together, but the example we set for others within our community and others in their own suburban communities dealing with their own clutter and issues within their own busy lives. Instead of reading about the good that takes place only in times of a “newsworthy” crisis, we will be fulfilling needs that don’t always make the front page. Instead of watching on television while the folks in urban settings work toward a common charitable effort, we’ll be doing it in a way that it becomes seemlessly integrated (yes, I’ve been on the computer too much) into our regular, however harried, schedules…

…Oh, that’s right, we are going to be all decluttered and reorganized so our lives won’t be so harried, and we’ll be doing for others, so we will feel happier overall about how we are spending our time! Plus, there will be so many opportunities for personal growth at my place, you won’t even worry about where helping others ends and helping yourself begins…

This week donation drives… What will next week bring? It’s gonna be great…There I go again, planning for next week and it’s only just Monday. As a friend, who knows and loves my master plan keeps reminding me ~ Breathe ~ Kim would know, she’s a mission-driven entrepreneur herself!  

So, make this week a great one and don’t forget to breathe! ~ N.


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