Oh, The Places You Could Go ~ Hands-On Suggestions

Had coffee (tea, actually, and breakfast even…) with a couple of the girls in Newburyport.  After catching up with them, I took a walk around and found inspiration at every turn. With nice weather scheduled for this weekend, I thought I’d share 3 places that are worth dropping in on if you are in the area.

  • Chameleon is an “ever-changing” high-end gift shop with lots of repurposed art…  Today, I saw some cool wooden birds embellished with little found treasures, one-of-a-kind tables repurposed from old street signs and clocks made from old license plates… Somehow, describing them just doesn’t do them justice… You can see a few examples on their site:  http://www.chameleonarts.com/ but the website is a little outdated in terms of what they have now – remember the name is Chameleon after all!
  • The Old Barn beyond the boardwalk is filled with flea-market type antique finds… Go there after Chameleon and you can put your imagination to work on how some of those old treasures could be repurposed into functional art (like a family memo board/info center out of an old picture frame) or used in the creation of some junky-to-funky art like the amazing stuff at Chameleon! FYI, there will be a big “yard sale” this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, 8-2, June 7+8 ) in the front parking lot right in front of the barn, kind of like a flea market in their parking lot.

  • The third spot is a nifty little shop filled with vintage furniture and other creative finds, big and small. It’s called The Cottage (there’s one in Amesbury, too). The Newburyport store is next to Not Your Average Joe’s/The Firehouse Theatre, right in the center of the downtown area. It’s a place filled with old treasures, some already repurposed, others just perfect as is, and still others waiting for a personal touch. These are a great example of just some of the types of things that will be sold at my new place…

 Wherever your weekend takes you, if you can find an hour to to leave the rest of life behind for a short time, find a great little shop or flea market and enjoy looking at things with a treasure-hunter’s eye for special finds that are wonderful on their own or would be great combined with other treasures in a one-of-a-kind creation! 

Have Fun and Be in the Moment! N.


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