Announcing My Temporary Location!

Well, it may not be the Taj Mahal, but I am moving into some temporary digs and, to be honest, I’m kind of psyched!  Not far from my house in Ipswich, the location is 89 Turnpike Road (Route 1 Ipswich), a basic office building set back a bit, on Old Route One’s north-bound side. It’s just north of and across the street from Tee Time Mini Golf and Ice Cream in Ipswich (yummy ice cream), south of Winfrey’s Chocolates (yummy fudge) and the famous Agawam Diner in Rowley (yummy pie, not to mention burgers and other classic diner fare).

Coming along with me will be my clutter, personally grown through years of parenting through ages and stages, different interests, new hobbies of my own, and changes in decorating styles. I’ve also gathered a bit of creative samples, if you will, over the last several months. Hey, everyone needs a little inspiration every now and then!  Once the clutter is there, we can begin organzing it into the creative materials it will become. If you are still a bit befuddled by my new venture, drop in for a look at my clutter and a sketch of my planned space and you I think you will “get it” as the concept is best defined and understood in visual terms.

In addition to the creative clutter, I get to add my “new business” clutter to the space. Those of you who know me best can begin to imagine how much I’ve accumulated in just five months! I am becoming increasingly more aware of my paper use and think twice before printing anything.  I also do considerably more organizing on my laptop rather than random bits of paper and notebooks, but that is a post for another day…

Back to those piles of research, research, research: Once in my temp space, I will promptly begin to cull through all that clutter of information, and whittle it down to a brilliant, innovative and inspirational business plan!

Now, for the INFO you’ve all been waiting for: How to get YOUR Clutter to ME:

I’ll be welcoming the clutter of those ready to rid themselves starting next week. I’ll post some drop-off times for starters and can always work with anyone on a mutually-convenient time. Remember, no rush just yet, there will be plenty to keep me busy.  Entries will have to be made through a back door. Larger items will have to wait with the exception of a few tables, bookcases and the like that we can use as part of our organizing process. I’ll make up a specific instruction list with all the do’s and don’ts and post it as its own page on this site. The owners have been great about leasing me this temporary space knowing that lots of “stuff” is going to be coming through the doors.

For those of you who already have a pile with my name on it, have questions, or want to schedule a drop-off, send me an email, post here or give me a call. I can answer any questions about what stuff is and isn’t needed. Remember to check the DeClutter for Good Lists on this site. Also, I’ve added a search tool, so just enter in the particular clutter item you are wondering about and see if any info comes up. If not, post a comment after this post, on the clutter page, wherever, I’ll be sure to see it and respond.

I’ve got to keep in mind ~ It’s a marathon, not a sprint. This is an exciting day ~ I’m thinking I’ve just made it out of Hopkinton… Thanks for your support, suggestions, patience (and cups of cold water – or hot tea) along the way.

One mile down, 25.2 miles to go! N.


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