Announcing Planet Green ~ New TV Channel ~ June 4 at 5pm!

Yet another sign of these changing times, Discovery Planet is launching the first 24/7 channel dedicated to environmental issues. If you told me 10 years ago (or, heck, even just 5 years ago!) that I would be interested in this news, I honestly wouldn’t believe it. The truth is I am totally excited about Planet Green and what this new channel represents. Planet Green is born out of society’s increasing awareness of modern-day human impact on the environment and the growing understanding and acknowledgement of our collective role, and many would say responsibility, as stewards to the planet.

Of course, this growing awareness about the consequences of our actions reflects a concern for the good of the planet itself. For those of who don’t think of themselves as nature lovers, the need to understand and take environmental issues seriously is important even if the motivation stems from concern for our children and our children’s children… The closer I get to nature and the more I get into environmentally-conscious alternatives, the more the planet itself is a stakeholder in my mind. I’ve come to really feel an appreciation for nature in so many respects as I’ve grown older (and perhaps a bit wiser…). It’s never too late to stop and smell the roses, or lilacs, or other flower of the season! It’s a great stress reducer (that and pruning rhodedendruns). I think Planet Green will be a great place for treehuggers and environmental newbies alike. 

From the website, here are a couple of the new shows planned:

G Word

Being green is no longer just for granola-loving hippies. It’s a lifestyle, an attitude, a state-of-mind, and it’s shaking up the pop-culture landscape. Forget what you think you know about what being green means and get ready for G Word…


This eye-opening half-hour reality series makes shrinking your ecological footprint appealing and virtually effortless. What’s an ecological footprint? It’s a way of describing the scope of the damage that each household does to the planet. Annabelle Gurwitch and her charming co-host Holter Graham are out..

These descriptions along with a full list of the new Planet Green shows can be found at .


Like so many websites, the Planet Green website provides a lot of great information in addition to show descriptions and listings. Here’s an example of a great piece on renovating in an environmentally-friendly way, or to put it in green terms, “greenovating!” Here’s the article with lots of great links within:

Choose the Right Greenovations for Your Home

On Greenovate, many homeowners choose to install solar-powered skylights for their cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and for the aesthetic improvement the extra light brings to the house. After installation, a fresh coat of paint is usually needed, offering up another excellent way to green your home. Incredibly, many homes are covered in paint chock full of chemicals which have been linked to short and long-term household health problems, ranging from ear, nose, and throat irritation and headaches to internal organ damage. 

Refreshing your walls with low-VOC paint will improve appearance as well as air quality. Use this list to find affordable low-VOC paint for your greenovation. You don’t have to limit your greenovation to just painting and installing energy efficient appliances.

 From your kitchen table to your bedroom nightstand, another wholesome way to greenovate is to avoid furniture sprayed with formaldehyde and flame retardants. These chemicals have also been linked to health problems and are especially toxic to the environment. When greening your furniture, look for companies that use eco-friendly flame retardants and fewer chemicals. Green Sage Furniture and Montauk Furniture are two options. 

These ideas represent the tip of the iceberg when choosing to go green, but they enable you to easily embrace your inner design freak without harming the environment. After greenovating your home, perhaps you might try reducing your eco-footprint even further by altering your lifestyle like the families in Wa$ted!

(the direct link is )


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