Commongood Careers ~ A Source of “For Good” Career Opportunities & So Much More

So far, I’ve provided links to two websites, one on all things related to social change, the other to all things environmental… There’s overlap between the two, of course, because it’s all “For Good” kind of stuff, right up my values-driven alley! Today, I’m providing one more recommendation, this to round out the week of recommendations and create what I believe is a worthwhile triumverate of sites as key resources among the clutter of great info out there in what I refer to as “Cyber Space Info Overload.”

Without any further ado, I’ve got another winner to recommend: Commongood Careers.  I highly suggest you check out their site for yourself! The website url is . Basically, Commongood Careers is a job placement agency for high quality careers in socially- and/or environmentally-driven organizations. But, honestly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

About Commongood Careers

Commongood Careers is dedicated to helping today’s most effective social entrepreneurs hire the best talent. Founded by nonprofit professionals, Commongood Careers offers personalized, engaged services to jobseekers and organizations throughout the hiring process, as well as access to a wealth of knowledge about careers in the social sector. Learn more.

Along with a really impressive list of job opportunities and hiring organizations, the site offers so much more: 

  1. The Knowledge Center  covers a range of topics including Job Seeking Advice, Hiring Advice, Uncommon Talent Profiles, Sector News and a Featured Article. The direct link is  and no, I still haven’t figured out how to get the link embedded in my text…bear with me!.
  2. The Resources Directory provides links to Career Assessment Tools, Associations, Student Organizations, Networking, Recommended Reading and more… The link is: 
  3. The Commongood Careers Blog gives more tidbits of advice, info on events in social entrepreneurism, announcements of award recipients doing Good in a number of ways, and so on, and so on… Check it out at .

 I’m suggesting the Commongood Careers site and adding it to my blogroll with several thoughts in mind. First, we all know someone who is in the market for a job…whether by choice, life transition, or as a result of a tough economy. Whatever the reason, a job search including positions in the social sector of mission-driven organizations could lead to a really fullfilling job. This is not the non-profit landscape of yesteryear. Today’s mission-driven organizations are eager to hire very talented people with a business mindset at a fair salary.

Another reason for sharing the site, I know folks who are in a job, but not happily so, don’t you? Now, I don’t suggest anyone quit his or her job and submit a resume to Commongood Careers tomorrow (well, that part you could do!), but it is always a good idea to consider that there are options and alternatives as we try to live a more fully aware (less auto pilot) life. 

Finally, even if you don’t know anyone looking for a job or unhappy in their current job, I think that the Commongood Careers site provides a worthwhile look into the current day reality of the business of non-profit and how that has changed and continues to change. These changes are leading, more often than not, to the triple-bottom-line theory of doing business within the framework of stated social, environmental and financial missions that can be seen as complementary rather than mutually exclusive. That all jives with my plans and I think the site supports the growing movement toward this positive approach to making a living through meaningful work which benefits all involved.

So, check out Commongood Careers, let a friend who comes to mind know about it, or just keep in mind that I have the link here, if ever you want to take a curious peek or if you decide to start an active search for a new career.

Carpe…Weekend!  That’s Latin for “Seize the Weekend!”  N.



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